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question baby stay MkV (Conrad)
Posted: 8:03:32 pm on 6/17/2006 Modified: Never

Hi I am a relatively new MkV owner (bought her last year)

I find the baby stay in the way when trying to manoever the spinakker pole on foredeck.

Any suggestions on 'quick release mechanisms' or should I just detach the baby stay?

  Re: baby stay MkV (John F)
Posted: 12:04:37 pm on 6/18/2006 Modified: Never

You should keep the baby-stay as it's useful upwind.

We use a cam block, and just release it when going downwind.  Then it's easily out of the way. 

  Re: baby stay MkV (c&c27dyc)
Posted: 7:26:49 pm on 6/18/2006 Modified: Never
There a few opinions on the use of the, "Baby-stay".  Have a look up your mast without the baby-stay on - have some one put it to a winch and grind, just till tension arrives - all the time looking up your main sail track.  Now grind the winch to your typical amount of pressure - while still looking up your mainsail track.  While you increased presure what has this done to the performance of your main???  Keep the Baby-stay on when in chop or heavy air to keep the pumping of the mast to a minimum.  Going downwind - not an issue,should be detensioned and out of the way for gybes.  Dean.

Dean M Baldwin
Morgan "D"
Mark III - Hull 516
Halifax, N.S.

  Re: baby stay MkV (Steve Reid)
Posted: 9:08:02 pm on 6/19/2006 Modified: Never


Be very carefull how much tension you put on that Baby Stay! It's not intended to create Mast Bend. Take a good look below deck, you will notice that the Chain Plate is only attached to the bulkhead and that there is not a lot of reinforcing around it. Look at the way the main Chain Plates are installed in the boat and compare that to how the Baby Stay Chain Plate is attached. We don't attach the Baby Stay at all, unless we are beating into a large chop and the mast is doing a lot of pumping then we put it on with just enough tension to stop the mast from pumping.

There have been a lot of MkV's that have suffered leakage arounf the Baby Stay chain plate and subsequant water damage to the forward buklhead as a result of that leakage, all caused by over tensioning the baby stay.

Hope that helps.



MkV #75 Still Knot Working 

  Re: baby stay MkV (Jim W)
Posted: 7:55:19 pm on 7/5/2006 Modified: Never

we lead our back to the cockpit, and release it fully going downwind.  The foredeck guy ties it to the mast with a bungee to keep it out of the way.

check that chainplate for leaks - if it leaks for long the balsa in the deck rots out.  And every one I've ever seen has leaked.


Distant Thunder

MKV Hull 69

  Re: baby stay MkV (sociopath)
Posted: 6:47:30 pm on 7/28/2013 Modified: Never
Does anyone have a pic of this setup for the baby stay?

Kerry Marsh
Charlottetown Yacht Club
C&C 27 Mark V - Sociopath