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exclamation 85 Mk V rudder specs (Loupo)
Posted: 3:56:07 pm on 9/25/2006 Modified: 9:01:35 pm on 9/26/2006

Looking for 85 Mark V rudder specs so that Foss Foam Products can give me

a quote on a new may e-mail me direct [address deleted]

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  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (Jim W)
Posted: 9:16:50 pm on 9/26/2006 Modified: Never

Phil's Foils uesd to advertise one - so that's a possible supplier.

What happened to the original?

Distant Thunder

Hull 69

  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (Steve Reid)
Posted: 10:28:13 am on 9/27/2006 Modified: Never

Have you tried contacting South Shore Yachts? I got in touch with them last fall and was able to get copies of the original drawings for the Mark V keel and from those was able to make templetes for fairing the keel. you'd be surprised at all the C&C stuff Rob has at South Shore, it's worth contacting him, 905-468-4340, I'd advise calling it takes them a while to respond to emails.



Still Knot Working MkV #75 

  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (Loupo)
Posted: 7:41:27 pm on 10/10/2006 Modified: Never
I have a crack along the bottom, propably a seam and after haul out water dripped occationaly for a few days. It also appears that a hole had been "sealed" with a plug at some earlier time, the circumference of which also to be part of the "crack" I drilled holes in the plug and also forward and aft of it. The shavings of the plug appeared to be damp like wet saw dust. The other shavings were solid and did not appear to contain moisture. My boat is on cradle in northern NY. I expect the rudder bottom will tend to dry a bit over the winter and hope that freezing does not add to the problem. I expect to do some repair work in the spring. I was not able to bring the rudder in doors for the winter as I do live up North much after Oct 1 and will not return untill May. My "home" is not heated over the Winter.

In the event that the rudder needs to be replaced I was wondering what they cost hence my inquiry to Foss Foam Products.
  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (gord)
Posted: 12:29:39 pm on 10/11/2006 Modified: Never
This is from a MarK III perspective but the situation sounds the same, so...
 The plug in the bottom of the rudder was probably put in by a previous owner to confront what seems to be a chronic problem in 27's - a wet rudder.  We, and a number of other owners I know of, have a hole we drilled in the bottom of the rudder which we plug with silicon every spring and unplug in the fall to allow the rudder a chance to drain and dry.  This is assuming you are in a climate where a 5-6 month haul-out is part of the routine.  While repairing, sealing or replacing the rudder would be the ideal way to go this method has been working for us for the last 5 years.  I know this doesn't necessarily help answer, but it may be useful to the curious.
  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (davidww1)
Posted: 1:33:31 pm on 10/11/2006 Modified: Never
As Jim Wente noted: - a Mk V plan, ready to roll.

He has also drawn a CAD file for a Mk III rudder.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV
  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (Loupo)
Posted: 9:57:21 pm on 10/13/2006 Modified: Never
I'd like to thank all you guys for the help.....I talked with Phil Locker via telephone.... Very helpful, he could provide me with a replacement rudder if necessary, However I think I go the repair route in the spring as replacing the rudder is considered expensive + or- $1200...I am assuming the foil will dry out over the winter (Oct-May). Will v-out the crack, plug the holes and cover with mat and epoxy sand and fair. Shouldn't be to bad can do the work in my garage. I'm 75 years old. I don't need a 20 year repair....Ciao Lou Potente Willsboro, NY
  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (oasis)
Posted: 4:24:27 pm on 5/20/2014 Modified: Never
Old thread revisited.

On a Mk V rudder, is the temporary drain hole drilled from the bottom of the rudder straight up?  How far up, ie. how deep?

Thanks.  Barry  1987 Mk V
  Re: 85 Mk V rudder specs (davidww1)
Posted: 9:29:57 pm on 5/21/2014 Modified: Never
In another thread on the topic of drain holes, I recall a Mk V owner rather vehemently saying that a V rudder should have no water in it, hence no need for drain holes, because the holes that should be there (the pintle brackets) are above the waterline. If there's water in the rudder, the rudder should be taken to a warm place and drained over winter, stripped, the crack or hole located and carefully repaired.

The foam inside C&C rudders (at least those I've seen) is closed-cell; water will migrate between the glass skin and foam core, not through it. There is no point in drilling farther than just through the fibreglass.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV