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exclamation broke the throttle lever shaft (frank)
Posted: 10:18:35 pm on 8/14/2007 Modified: Never
so yea... it started out as my attempt to fix the shift lever sticking at the panel (i could move the cable by hand when detached, the lever itself was very hard to move and lubes didnt work)

i still have no idea how to take this shift lever off to clean/lube it so it works smoothly, but i started by taking the throttle lever off (the wrong way) since it seemed to be the only bolt i saw.  

after i took the bolt off that holds the throttle cable to the shaft i saw another hex shaped bolt which appeared to be holding the big washer looking thing in place.  i tried to take that off using a little elbow grease and it sheared at the connection to the throttle lever.  its a 4" hex shaped shaft that goes from the lever itself on the outside to the inside cable connection.

any idea where i can buy a new one??? its for a C&C 27 mk2.  

also, how the hell DO i get that shifter off??????

well at least i only broke one thing today, usually its try to fix one break two.
  Re: broke the throttle lever shaft (PLogan)
Posted: 1:40:38 pm on 7/2/2018 Modified: Never
Hey there, just broke my throttle shaft on the control as well, just as I was putting the transmission to reverse drive - the throttle handle just fell off - sheared at the same point you suggested..

Just wondering if you were able to source a replacement - I'm checking Moyer but haven't seen anything on the website yet.  
Peter Logan
C&C 27 MK III 1975 Tomorrow
LaSalle Park Marina Association
Hamilton ON
  Re: broke the throttle lever shaft (admin)
Posted: 10:25:56 am on 7/5/2018 Modified: 11:44:16 am on 7/6/2018
You're replying to a message that's ten years old and whose author is no longer on the Forum (a non-bold name indicates a deleted account ). Have you tried eBay for "Morse marine control" or something like that? There's a lot of marine hardware in flea markets and eBay is the most accessible.

- Admin