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  mark V swim ladder experience (copasetic)
Posted: 7:41:40 pm on 8/23/2007 Modified: Never
my mark v came with a 5-step swim ladder that hooks over the stern. it is awkward to use. do other mark v owners have suggestions as to a user-friendly swim ladder?

  Re: mark V swim ladder experience (KenPole)
Posted: 10:34:01 am on 8/24/2007 Modified: Never
The most stable option is a stainless steel ladder mounted on your transom so that it can pivot up to tie onto your stern rail. They cost $250-450 but I may have a lead on a used one.

Ken Pole
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: mark V swim ladder experience (copasetic)
Posted: 7:42:00 pm on 8/24/2007 Modified: 11:07:58 am on 8/25/2007
ken, thanks. I have been thinking about the problem of the mark V. The transom has a slope such that the steps of a simple ladder that are 90 deg. to the vertical rods are not horizontal when the ladder is in position because the rods are no longer vertical. Will the ladder you describe compensate for the angle of the transom? (this website needs a way of pasting in graphics)


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  Re: mark V swim ladder experience (KenPole)
Posted: 7:48:52 pm on 8/24/2007 Modified: Never
I'll have a look at a friend's Mark V tomorrow and get back to you, but probably not until late in the day. Meanwhile, someone else might have an answer. I trust that's copacetic, as they say. Ciao.

Ken Pole
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: mark V swim ladder experience (amolinich)
Posted: 10:08:13 am on 8/28/2007 Modified: Never
I use a 5 step ladder on the port side.  It hooks over the rail and I tie it on for a second measure.  I tried the stern thing but is was tough to get up the stern and over the rail.

Alex Molinich
Mark V
"Invincible Summer"


CC27 Mark V

"Invincible Summer"

  Re: mark V swim ladder experience (License2Keel)
Posted: 11:19:00 am on 11/24/2013 Modified: Never
I know this thread is extremely old but any recommendations on where to find this style of ladder? I'm more keen on having a removable ladder given frequency of use. Would love to find an option that could attach to toe rail when needed.

Thanks ahead for any insight,

Joshua C. Harper
License To Keel, Mk V
Atlanta, GA