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  Keeping food cool electrically (windyday)
Posted: 11:55:07 pm on 9/21/2010 Modified: Never
After two seasons with this boat, which fits our bill perfectly, we really miss the fridge we had on the big boat. Ice just doesn't cut it. We only need electrical food cooling dockside, and we do not need to keep food frozen. The options are not so easy to sort out. I had hoped to add a 110V cooling plate to the icebox, and I think someone once had one there in this boat judging from the old wiring I removed in the refit, but it is long gone and such units appear to hog space outside the icebox and add weight to the stern. I seriously considered chopping out the icebox and putting a small bar fridge on a platform in that space, but that seems like a bad idea for many reasons, including structural, spatial and hardware quality. A plug-in cooler would take up too much floor space, and there isn't much room in a C&C 27 to hide one. Plug-in coolers tend to use DC power, but I would want to plug it into 110V. Any thoughts?

1974 Mark II C&C 27

  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (davidww1)
Posted: 10:35:27 am on 9/22/2010 Modified: Never
The Nova Kool unit is ac/dc, which hits one of your points. There's no getting around the space the compressor takes, but the whole assembly is not very heavy - 26 lb all up. Put a case of beer in the v-berth to compensate. You might even be able to put the compressor under a dinette seat.|11233

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (dmartis)
Posted: 10:34:28 am on 9/23/2010 Modified: Never
I just installed one of the units that David suggested into my C&C 27.  Installation is straightforward, and it converts automatically from AC to DC power.  DC power consumption is relatively low.  The cold plate doesn't take too much room in the ice box.  Insulating the existing box is key to getting the unit to work well. This can be a challenge - I ended up taking my unit complete apart which ended up destroying the lid.  In all - a good solution to refrigeration.  
  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (davidww1)
Posted: 4:37:23 pm on 9/24/2010 Modified: Never
You can find a thread on insulation here and photos of an installation here.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (pura vida)
Posted: 10:51:11 am on 9/25/2010 Modified: Never
I've long considered the idea of chopping out the old ice box and setting up a space to hold an Engle refrigerator.  If doing an installation like this it might be prudent to make the space large enough to hold a standard sized cooler as well. That way the refrigerator could be removed if the boat was ever sold.

Mike M
SV Wind Horse
Galveston, Tx

  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (jdillabough)
Posted: 11:11:44 pm on 4/3/2011 Modified: Never
Let me know if you're still looking. I installed a 110V unit in my 27' a couple of years ago and it works great. I installed a used cold plate in the ice box and used condensing unit behind the fridge in the starboard locker. Just need to mount a small shelf for the compressor. All controlled by an electronic temp control. Only drawback is you'll need ice again if you're away or carry a small generator. I can send picts and details if you like.
Jim -  Cygnus
  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (CJ21)
Posted: 11:30:56 am on 4/5/2011 Modified: 5:00:03 pm on 4/5/2011
hey jim
would love to see how its done...debating it for this summer...

let me know.

Silver Fox, Bronte

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  Re: Keeping food cool electrically (Konzeled)
Posted: 5:50:02 pm on 6/24/2013 Modified: Never
Just installed a 37 litre Mobicool electric cooler from CanTire.  Sits on the settee in port and on the floor underway.  Runs on 12 volts from a repurposed computer power supply and keeps food, wine and beer cold.  a low cost ($117) solution.  Can switch to battery operation bud it draws 6 amps.   Have also seen a bar fridge installed where the icebox was.  This solution a;so freed up counter space.C&C27 Flyer