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  Wind Horse for sale (pura vida)
Posted: 2:02:55 pm on 10/28/2010 Modified: Never
Well guys, I've made this threat before, but sadly this time it is true, Wind Horse will be for sale (MKII). I started a new business in March and it looks like I'm going to have even less time for the boat in the coming year or two.

I wanted to give members of the Association and followers of the list advanced notice of the sale. In the coming weeks I will be putting Wind Horse on eBay with little or no reserve to make sure she sells.

The boat sails well, has had all new hoses and much of the wiring replaced. She has a 2gm and a PSS shaft seal that works flawlessly.

Cosmetically she is rough and has a soft spot near the bow. I kept meaning to fix then pain the boat, but every time I made it down to the marina with epoxy I ended up sailing.

If anyone is interested I can be reached at fairmail53atyahoo (make the obvious changes). I would rather have a C&C lover get the boat than otherwise so make an offer.

The boat is on Galveston Bay.

Mike M
SV Wind Horse
Galveston, Tx

  Re: Wind Horse for sale (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 11:15:26 am on 7/1/2012 Modified: Never
Those of you who know and remember Mike Mathews might be happy to learn that he did not fall off a cliff into oblivion, or even off his racing BMW motorbike, as the following little exchange confirms:-

June 30 2012

Subject::  You still there?
Hello Mike
We miss your input and wise advise? How are you and are you still motorbike racing, or has a gentle breeze and sunny skies lured you back into a 27?
Perhaps you occasionally peep at the C&C site for old times sake? I hope so.
Cheers and all the best, and should you be in the Lake Ontario area please give us a call and come for a sail

To which he replied

Hi Alan
Yes, I'm still here, still racing motorbikes and still checking on my old friends on the C&C site from time to time. I do miss sailing and find myself referring to it frequently. but there are some kindred spirits here. One of the members of the Houston BMW club lived aboard a C&C 39 for several years taking it as far north as Nova Scotia. What really has sparked fond memories is visiting my uncle in Chicago. His condo has some great views of the lake and there are some great sailboats there.
Hopefully whoever purchased Wind Horse has joined the association. ( He was referred.) The boat is now in Slidell, Louisiana.
Tell everyone hello from me and the best to you and the rest of the skippers.
And if I get a chance to visit, expect a call.
Mike Mathews

Even though he no longer has Wind Horse, his email address includes that old love.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002