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  Jib and storm jib (sclaude)
Posted: 1:30:29 pm on 4/15/2011 Modified: Never

In terms of head sails, I currently of a 153% and a 135% that are good.  I also have an old 120% that can be reefed down to a 89% jib.  

I am looking a newer 100% and a storm jib, both with hanks.  
To comply with PIYA rules the storm jib area must not exceed 5% of I^2.  That is less than 61sqft.

Would anyone recommend dimensions for a 100% jib for a C&C27-2 (luff, leech and foot)?

Stéphane, Sidney BC

  Re: Jib and storm jib (dmartis)
Posted: 4:18:37 pm on 5/18/2011 Modified: Never

You can probably use a percentage of your "I" dimension (its around 12 feet) to figure out what size storm sails you need.

That being said, my boat has a 110% working jib that would probably be suitable for winds in the 20-25 knot range.  (I haven't used it much on Lake Ontario)

This sail has a luff length of 30'-3" and an LP of 11'3".

I've also got a storm jib (again, never used, but probably good in the 25+ range).  Luff length 20'2", LP of 6'7"

Hope this helps!

Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636