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  Changes in registration (admin)
Posted: 9:30:26 pm on 5/3/2011 Modified: Never
Due to the high number of users (near to 15,000) with names like "spunkyrussianwife" and "goldprofitandlustyvixens", the Forum is now vetting new registrations. All it takes is a brief e-mail (see below).

If we are truly successful in keeping these people out, we might be able to eliminate the CAPTCHA numbers required before a post can be submitted.

In the process of banishing "spunkyrussianwife" and friends, we have also deleted over 14,000 accounts. It is possible that your account was accidentally included in the cull. If so, we apologize and hope you'll re-register through the method below.

If you'd like to join in the discussions we'd love to have you (if, and only if, you are not a spam-bot). To join please follow the instructions on this page.

- Admin