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  New window sealing idea (Brent)
Posted: 12:32:47 pm on 5/10/2011 Modified: Never
This morning I had an epiphany while I lay somewhere between awake and dreamland.
Last year I contacted my industrial adhesive distributer, the same folks who provided me with Plexus adhesive when I repaired the leaky windows on my Mk5. This time I needed some really good double sided tape to re-attach my handheld GPS mount to my bulkhead. He gave me the bitter end of a roll of the same stuff a bus manufacturer here in Winnipeg uses to glue the fiberglas panels of a busses skin together.
Let me tell you this tape is fringing amazing and once it is stuck to a substrate it DOES NOT COME OFF! It's a 3M heavy duty foam product about 1/8" thick with waterproof adhesives on either side.

The epiphany was this. If this tape is a suitable structural adhesive for a bus, would it work to structurally glue the windows of 1980's style C&C's to the cabin top. The foam is tough enough to not separate from the glue and I think would allow expansion and contraction. I'm going to contact him again to see how well it works on polycarbonate or acrylic and if the answer is good I'll try it out on my once again leaking starboard window.

Does this sound too good or too risky?

Brent Driedger
C&C 27 MkV
s/v Wild Rover
Lake Winnipeg (pre algae bloom)
  Re: New window sealing idea (davidww1)
Posted: 9:57:59 pm on 5/10/2011 Modified: Never
Are the bus company's panels structural or cosmetic? C&C's glued  windows form part of the structure. I don't know how much load they assume, but that's how they were described by George Cuthbertson.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: New window sealing idea (clanning)
Posted: 12:42:02 pm on 5/10/2011 Modified: 4:01:42 pm on 5/10/2011
3M VHB tapes are structural.  And they are like 5200 permanent, too.
[EDIT: 5200 can eat acrylic and other polymers.  The tape is better from this perspective.  We used tons of this stuff in the architectural metals trade -- in a past life.]

Chuck Lanning

NSC, Ottawa

  Re: New window sealing idea (Brent)
Posted: 9:55:48 pm on 6/2/2011 Modified: Never
Just an update to what I had written earlier.

So I attempted to remove my old leaking starboard window and in the process broke it in 1/3. As a result I committed myself to replacement of both window which makes experimentation with structural tapes unappealing. The new acrylic cost me $400 from the local dealer (cut and beveled) which is quite a bit less than the $600 Northshore would have charged with shipping.
For the second time in the 3 years I've owned the boat I have the windows out.  The Plexus adhesive and gun are in my garage, now I'm ready for a do-over armed with knowledge I wish I had during the first attempt. Not enough glue and no spacers = leaks!

Brent Driedger

S/V Wild Rover

C&C 27 MkV #15


  Re: New window sealing idea (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 3:25:36 pm on 6/3/2011 Modified: Never
Brent, windows that leak and need re-sealing or replacing seem to be a challenge that faces many ancient C&C boat owners, (it's the boats that are ancient, not their youthful owners) so perhaps you could tell us more once you have installed your new windows? What is the thickness of the new material? How much Plexus adhesive, as last time you say it was not sufficient to last more than 3 years. What are the 'spacers' you mention please? As our Admin tells us, the windows are structural, so all the details of your window renovation would help those of us who wait for the dreaded drips.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: New window sealing idea (surfj24)
Posted: 6:09:33 pm on 7/15/2011 Modified: Never
I recently purchased a 1985 mark v and the windows leaked really bad.  so I took them out (which was very easy because the previous owner used silicone)  I cleaned up the original adhesive and the  "band aid" silicone and used 5200 all around and then sunk 10 stainless screws with washers around each window, caulked again both the inside and outside.  It looks good and does not leak at all and I think I added structual integrity to it as well.

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple,stupid)
  Re: New window sealing idea (Brent)
Posted: 1:07:14 pm on 8/15/2011 Modified: Never
5200 is a bad choice for plexi and polycarbonate. It slowly attacks the plastic and by next year you may find a lot of crazing around the windows edges. I can only imagine this weakens them. When replacement time comes you will be using a router to remove them.

Many have used screws on the windows and it will work provided you allow large enough holes to absorb the expansion of the windows from winter to sun beating over 100f in the summer. They could split.
Let us know in about a year how it's going. This will be an interesting progress report.

Brent Driedger
C&C 27 Mk 5
s/v Wild Rover
Lake Winnipeg
  Re: New window sealing idea (surfj24)
Posted: 7:41:35 pm on 8/15/2011 Modified: Never
I have heard of a tape like that but I tend to overdo things so I can sleep at nite.  It sounds like a good and simple idea.  There will come a time when I will probably have to redo the windows again and at that time I will use that tape instead of the sloppy 5200, but I think the way I've got it, I'll either be in a new and bigger boat or the window would have to break.  Thanks for the info.  Let me know how to get a hold of the stuff because it sounds like it has many applications.

K.I.S.S.(keep it simple,stupid)
Hull #531
Milwaukee, WI.
  Re: New window sealing idea (sony2000)
Posted: 12:55:50 pm on 8/15/2011 Modified: Never
Mine came today as well. All four windows are OK except one drips from the top seal right onto the cushion. But never when I'm there nor when hosed to death. So from my comfortable cushion I leaned back and caulked the inside space with, you will never guess, 'Seal and Peel'. Who cares! It may work.
  Re: New window sealing idea (surfj24)
Posted: 1:32:29 pm on 8/15/2011 Modified: Never
That worries me about the caulk making the plexi deteriorate over time and also the expansion issue.  If I have a problem with detioration of the plexi, I may go to Lexon.  There is a company near me that does custom orders at a resonable price.  I installed the screws in the spring when it was too cold to do anything else.  I had the caulk in my Jeep with the heat blasting on it so I could use it when I was ready.  So, it's been exposed to at least 30 degrees so far and 100 degrees this summer.  So far so good.  I've done a lot of sailing in some pretty nasty weather on Lake Michigan where I've just gotten pounded and everything held up nice, however, over time that may change.  I'll keep an eye on it.  Thanks for all the great tips.  I love this forum.

Joe Kiehm
Hull #531 1985 C & C Mark V
Glendale, WI.
  Re: New window sealing idea (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 3:46:23 pm on 8/15/2011 Modified: Never
Brent, in early June you were poised with Plexus adhesive and special gun, about to replace your Plexiglas windows. How did it go please, and how closely did you follow David's detailed instructions on this project in the Black Arts section?

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002