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  Using screws in the bilge (TomGr)
Posted: 9:19:19 pm on 5/11/2011 Modified: Never
I am working on replacing my "Rule" bilge pump. The old one was also a Rule, virtually identical. It was mounted by using short screws in the flat bottom of the bilge. Presumably this is no problem because it is heavily reinforced. However, there are some wire clamps along the side of the bilge 2 of which are also attached with short screws.

My question is. how deep can you go on the bilge side wall without creating a problem for yourself?

Tom Graham, Shelburne VT
"Monk" 27 Mk III
  Re: Using screws in the bilge (Brent)
Posted: 10:54:08 pm on 5/11/2011 Modified: Never
I don't like the idea of screws in a bilge area. I mounted my pump in a blob of thickened epoxy and did the same thing to secure the wires. Done neatly it works very well.

Brent Driedger

S/V Wild Rover

C&C 27 MkV #15


  Re: Using screws in the bilge (davidww1)
Posted: 2:28:31 pm on 5/12/2011 Modified: Never
Why chance it? I have a friend who had to make a fast trip to the Travellift because his drill bit was longer than his hull was thick. Putting in a screw cost him $100.00 - not fun. I'm not crazy about creating a path for water to enter the laminate, either, even if your screw hole does stop short of the lake.

For wires, I'd use a string of those 3M "Command" cable clips with the removable adhesive strips to fasten the clips to the underside of the sole. These worked for me in the galley lockers; if the adhesive doesn't work in the bilge, I'd just fix them with fast-acting epoxy.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV