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question making a spin pole (DinghyJim)
Posted: 2:29:24 pm on 5/20/2011 Modified: Never
I have a spinnaker but no pole so I was considering assembling my own spin pole from aluminum tubing (from Dwyer Aluminum mast co.). Does anyone know about how long the pole should be/diameter/ wall thickness? If anyone has had a project like this before please help me through it. On a college budget there is no room for a new $700 spin pole so I figured I would get creative. I have heard generally that about 6" longer than the distance from where the pole is mounted on the mast to the forestay should be about the right length but this is a very bad way to measure.

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  Re: making a spin pole (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 7:17:00 pm on 5/21/2011 Modified: 11:35:05 am on 5/21/2011
Jamie, go to and then to Part 11 Article 7. That gives you the spin and whisker pole dimensions for all Marks of 27. No diam or tube wall thickness given. Many marine suppliers have the necessary end fittings.

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  Re: making a spin pole (admin)
Posted: 9:33:07 pm on 5/21/2011 Modified: Never
C&C 27 Class Association Constitution & Rules with pole dimensions are linked on

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  Re: making a spin pole (copasetic)
Posted: 2:45:03 pm on 6/4/2011 Modified: Never
First, get the C&C 25 specs since that is your boat. Second, if you can locate a windsurfer mast which no longer belongs to a board, they make great poles as they are light and strong. Then you have to insert the end fittings you want plus the center eyes for pole lift and pole down haul. I am afraid the fittings will cost a few $$.if you are lucky, you can find a pole that has been wrecked by being bent, but with the fittings intact. Then you can cannibalize.
Note, the w.s. pole is about 15 ft, so probably will have to be cut down for your class.
Good luck, maybe I will see you on the waters of LI sound? My boat is Magique.copasetic