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question Mast electrical connection (DinghyJim)
Posted: 7:05:12 pm on 6/1/2011 Modified: Never
Celebros apparently had a "bent" mast and had it replaced with another in the yard. I am trying to get the running lights working but it has been an interesting challenge. The deck has an electrical connection for four wires but the mast only has 2 wires (ignoring the VHF which has both a wire from the mast and separate hookup). Does anyone know which of the four wires will run the light on the mast for my running lights.

Also can someone explain the difference between a masthead light, and steaming light? And what should be used if I am at anchor.

I know that an electrical diagram would be included in my membership which I will be signing up for in the next week but I want to start night sailing this week -Jamie
Captain UConn Sailing
Skipper Celebros
Head Instructor Orienta Beach Club
  Re: Mast electrical connection (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:50:34 am on 6/2/2011 Modified: Never
Hi Jamie:
The anchor light is all around (360 Deg) white.  The steaming light is a white, forward only (135 Deg), not all around.
The four wires going to your mast are: ground, steaming light, anchor light and deck light. Buy or borrow a multimeter and use it to determine which wires are ground, steaming, etc.
Since you currently only have two wires in your mast, you can only wire one of the above.  I suggest you wire up the steaming light. When motoring after dark, you are required to light it.  It's switched off if your under sail, not motoring.  When anchored, you need to show an all around white light.  If your planning to anchor at night, you'll need to either run additional wires up the mast (and maybe add an anchor light to the masthead?) or buy a "portable" anchor light.
For the long term, you'll probably want to rewire your mast.
Good Luck,
Tony Jeske
MkV #581
San Diego