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question Why won't my sink work? (DinghyJim)
Posted: 7:33:14 pm on 6/1/2011 Modified: 7:35:29 pm on 6/1/2011
So I filled up my water tank for the first time and the sink would pump like it should and produced (dirty) water.

My first problem is that the drain is only barely draining even though the throughhull valve is open (in line with tube).

Second is that after a 20 minute break the hand pump faucet had no pressure behind it and wouldnt pump. After another 5 minutes it worked fine. After another hour it doesn't produce water again.

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  Re: Why won't my sink work? (davidww1)
Posted: 12:10:36 pm on 6/2/2011 Modified: Never
> the sink would pump ... (dirty) water.

I think that's probably your clue - dirt in the water system. Aboard our boat we found there were gribbledies (a technical term) floating in the water that the suction of the pump was pulling into the line. Once you stop pumping, they float away, hence the intermittent problem.

Start at the tank - open the inspection port and look inside for crud. If you can't look inside, try disconnecting the water line then filling the tank and letting it drain a couple of times - running a volume of water into the bilge may clear the tank. Keep doing this until the flow is free of crud. As to the pump line, I'd just hold a hose and the line (disconnected at both ends) together in my hand and let the hose pressure clear the line. Once you've done this (and mopped up all the water that's been sprayed all over in the process), try hooking the pump up to a source of clean water (a bucket thereof) and pumping until the pump is clear. In theory everything should now be okay, so hook the system up again and test. Good luck.

David Weatherston
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  Re: Why won't my sink work? (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 3:48:55 pm on 6/3/2011 Modified: Never
"Gribbledies" n. The offspring of sexually mature gribbles, which are small marine isopod crustaceans that bore into submerged wooden structures.
In case you were curious. No wonder the pump was uncooperative.

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  Re: Why won't my sink work? (capricous)
Posted: 4:27:32 pm on 6/5/2011 Modified: Never
Some bleach might also help
Needless to say  flush well

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  Re: Why won't my sink work? (davidww1)
Posted: 10:09:04 pm on 6/5/2011 Modified: Never
I'd be very careful about bleach. It's good for killing bacteria and algae, but it won't clean solid contaminants from the pipes. Moreover, some plastics won't tolerate it in even moderate concentrations (such as you'd use in a washing machine), so you can ruin the pipes or a pump.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
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  Re: Why won't my sink work? (Martin Jubenvile)
Posted: 5:58:23 pm on 6/20/2011 Modified: Never
I so agree with this. If the water has disolved solids bleach won't do one bit of good and most likely cause more harm. Maybe a disassemble of the effected parts might be in order as well as a good cleaning.

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