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  Toe Rail Cleat (Tonyj)
Posted: 12:02:59 pm on 6/7/2011 Modified: Never
I've always been a fan of midship cleats, but the $84.99 cost of a C.S. Johnson folding cleat convinced me to look for an alternative.
For about $15, I made one.  Here it is:

Tony Jeske
MkV #581
San Diego

  Re: Toe Rail Cleat (wrapper)
Posted: 11:26:20 am on 6/21/2011 Modified: Never
I get one at in montreal for about $20-$25.  If you want, I can take a picture if you want.

C&C 27 Hull 518

  Re: Toe Rail Cleat (Tonyj)
Posted: 9:09:16 pm on 6/22/2011 Modified: Never
Hi Allan:
Sounds great! I'd love to see it. I'm not sure how you can post a picture, but maybe you can post a link?
  Re: Toe Rail Cleat (windyday)
Posted: 5:14:32 pm on 6/25/2011 Modified: 5:23:51 pm on 6/25/2011
Interesting. Never thought of doing that. I wonder though about stress on the toe rail? I have been pondering installing midship cleats with deck through bolts/backing plate and lifting the cleat above the rail using a wooden block between the deck and the cleat.
1974 Mark II C&C 27
  Re: Toe Rail Cleat (wrapper)
Posted: 11:01:51 am on 7/4/2011 Modified: Never
Here is the mid-ship cleat I was talking about.

It is available from Boathouse. I believe they are the exclusive distributor.

I hope to leave this link up perpetually or admin can put it somewhere permanently.

C&C 27 Hull 518

  Re: Toe Rail Cleat (oasis)
Posted: 11:58:33 am on 7/4/2011 Modified: 9:34:18 pm on 7/4/2011
I ran across this folding Johnson toerail cleat recently.  Doesn't look like much, but says can handle 2000 pound loads!  I hope the link works.|10453|10668&product=8554891&code=762799485108

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