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  Slugs on Mainsail (Tonyj)
Posted: 4:29:15 pm on 6/20/2011 Modified: Never
The luff of my main feeds into the mast via a bolt rope.  Dropping the main, especially if singlehanding, is a real kerfluffle.  I'd like to add slugs, so when lowered, the luff stays attached to the mast.  I race the boat.  Will I be sorry that I gave up whatever small performance advantage the bolt rope has over slugs?
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Tony Jeske
San Diego

  Re: Slugs on Mainsail (Martin Jubenvile)
Posted: 5:34:05 pm on 6/20/2011 Modified: Never
I see no performance difference in having slugs versus bolt rope.

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  Re: Slugs on Mainsail (Steve Reid)
Posted: 9:36:29 pm on 6/20/2011 Modified: Never
I have slugs on Still Knot Working's main and she is no slug!
I don't think you will see and loss of performance and you will enjoy sailing the boat more, especially if you are short handed.

Steve Reid