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  Enjoy the Summer (pura vida)
Posted: 8:19:39 pm on 7/3/2011 Modified: Never
Well guys, it's been several months since I donated Wind Horse to Doctors Without Borders. She has a new home somewhere in Louisiana and a new skipper who came and sailed her off without a second thought. And me... I'm back to racing motorcycles.

Anyway, I was just dropping by to wish my old internet friends a happy sailing season. Texas has had good winds, but high temperatures so far this year. I understand that the lakes may have had some rainier weather.

You sail a very special boat. Take care of them.

Mike M
Late of 375 "Wind Horse"
  Re: Enjoy the Summer (windyday)
Posted: 10:16:06 am on 7/9/2011 Modified: Never
Nice message. All the best in your new adventures. We're having a great summer aboard our gracious old Mk II, decked out in all new this and that.

1974 Mark II C&C 27
  Re: Enjoy the Summer (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 10:08:50 pm on 7/11/2011 Modified: Never
Good to hear from you Mike. The ice melted and that OKie steer jumped out of the bathtub and is heading South, looking for a motorcycle to beware,
Should you be up this way there are fleets of 27's just waiting to welcome you.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Mike Matthews. (Pura Vida) of 'Wind Horse' (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 9:16:50 pm on 10/29/2013 Modified: 6:54:44 pm on 12/6/2013
I have just had a great exchange with Mike Matthews and he asked me to relay his best wishes to all his old C&C 27 friends. 'Wind Horse', after three years with Medecins Sans Frontiers, has a new and caring owner who called Mike for help with his new boat........only to discover that he was talking to her previous owner. The new owner re-christened her to 'Wind Horse',....what a happy event.
Mike is busy with his several BMW motor bikes, and has entered  the 30th running of the famous 'LA-Barstow-LasVegas Ride', nearly 500 miles across the desert in two days....on motor bikes!!    You can see all about this form of enjoyable physical torture on Google. He did it last year, but says this time is the last time.....Mike was in St John's, NL earlier this year and had a great time, so says he will be back next year. He sounds the same cheerful Mike of old, it was fun finding him again.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

6 December, 2013. An update to confirm that Mike completed that desert ride, as did his BMW bike. He  is now back home recovering from his exertions and again asks that I relay his best wishes to you all.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002