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  starting atomic four issue (DougM)
Posted: 11:26:05 pm on 7/11/2011 Modified: Never
Thanks for the response Towser to my last question, will be following thru on your recommendations. The marina is dredged and we took the boat out with some nice wind,boat sailed really well,  now I understand what you are all talking about! The motor has been working flawlessly until tonight we were dousing the sails for motoring back into marina. I followed the procedure,  and pushed the starting button and....nothing.  It's like there was absolutely no energy going to the starter.  Scratched my head wondering why,  and after a few tries,  all of a sudden it started like nothing was wrong. This of course is concerning I thought we were going to have to sail in to marina,  has anyone had this happen? Bad switch? Starter seems real strong. any ideas?  I plan on buying the Moyer manual but have not yet. Doug M
Mark III  1975,  
Lake Winnebago, WI
  Re: starting atomic four issue (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:41:37 am on 7/12/2011 Modified: Never
Hi Doug:
Intermittent problems, everyone's nightmare.  It may be corroded or poor connections at your instrument panel, perhaps the starter button/key switch is shot.  A quick way to find out is to go to your local auto parts store and get a remote starter switch ($10-$15). If, with the remote switch clipped to your starter, you consistently get the starter to operate, you've isolated the problem to the engine panel.
Good luck,
Tony Jeske
Mk V #581
San Diego  
  Re: starting atomic four issue (DougM)
Posted: 8:39:56 pm on 7/12/2011 Modified: Never
thanks for the advice tony I will give that a try. Best regardsDoug M
Mark III  1975,  
Lake Winnebago, WI
  Re: starting atomic four issue (YellowJacket)
Posted: 2:04:29 pm on 7/13/2011 Modified: Never
The problem with the engine is most likely not in the starter switch or starter motor. The most common problem is with the push pull ignition switch. The ignition switch energizes the starter switch. To test this watch the gauges to jump a bit when you pull out the switch. If they do the motor will start normally (if the starter switch is good). If there is no movement from the gauges the starter button will not do anything.

You can use a automotive starter button connected to the starter to turn the engine over but it won't start unless the ignition switch is working and on.

Fair winds y'all
PS Moyer marine has a very good service and repair manual.
  Re: starting atomic four issue (davidww1)
Posted: 9:00:51 pm on 7/13/2011 Modified: Never
Let me repeat something I said back when I had an Atomic 4 and used both manuals, which I found complemented one another - Have a look at the Links & Contacts page where you will find links to the Atomic 4 Service Manual, which takes you out to the limit of what many people are comfortable doing, including such tasks as tune-ups, shaft alignment, transmission adjustment and winterization. On the Moyer Marine site you'll find Mr. Moyer's very comprehensive manual, intended to help you do everything you might conceivably want to do, including a complete rebuild. The add-ons from Moyer and Indigo are well worth considering.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: starting atomic four issue (CJ21)
Posted: 9:40:01 pm on 7/14/2011 Modified: Never
Good Morning.
I know ours does that every once in a while... its an issue with the solenoid. We try once, maybe twice, hear a click each time but nothing else, and then retry and its fires up no problem.

I have both manuals and a really good mechanic if you need one.Christine

Silver Fox
Mark II, Hull 417.
  Re: starting atomic four issue (DougM)
Posted: 9:26:52 pm on 7/15/2011 Modified: Never
Thanks everyone for your advice, your comments and advice really make this forum work. What would we do with out the internet?    Doug M
Mark III  1975,  
Lake Winnebago, WI