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  Shaking out a reef (copasetic)
Posted: 12:00:34 pm on 7/15/2011 Modified: Never
We had an annoying problem in Wednesday nights race. We started with a reefed main and we were in the thick of things rounding the windward mark. Then I had difficulty shaking out the reef. When we rounded and jibed to a broad reach, I had difficulty releasing the cringle?(the grommets on little flaps at the sails reef point at the mast/luff) from the hook on the boom/gooseneck. So we were slow getting the full main up and lost 3-4 places during my personal $&@#  fire drill.

So, I had this thought. Instead of hooking the cringle to the the fixed hook on the boom, how about using the Cunningham? Then, to shake out the reef, just release the Cunningham?copasetic
  Re: Shaking out a reef (clanning)
Posted: 1:37:25 pm on 7/15/2011 Modified: 1:38:36 pm on 7/15/2011
You need to hold the tack forward at the mast in order to counter the tension from the outhaul / reef line out at the clew.

I had a line that ran from the side of the mast at the gooseneck through the 1st reef point tack cringle, then back to a cam cleat on the other side of the mast.  It did exactly what the slab reef line did at the clew of the main.  To shake out the reef, just release the line from the cam cleat.