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question Starboard heel on my Mark V (surfj24)
Posted: 3:20:30 pm on 7/22/2011 Modified: Never
I recently purchased a 1985 27'C & C Mark V and as she sits in the slip, she heels to starboard slightly.  Is this normal seeing that much of the "stuff" like Galley, fresh water tank (which is empty) and cockpit setee storage are all on that side?  I also have a small Microwave accross from the head and some things stored in the compartment below that, but it was heeling from day one.  I've tuned the mast accordingly and she sails like a dream but this heeling business can't be right.  Anybody have any comments or the same problem?  Please let me know.


  Re: Starboard heel on my Mark V (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 11:13:23 pm on 7/22/2011 Modified: Never
Joe, if you go back to 'previous page 3' you will find an earlier discussion on the seemingly permanent 'list' or 'heel' on some Mark V's, starting on 4/20/2011. My solution has been an empty water tank and using the quarter berth as a sail locker. It seems to be a starboard list in all cases. Very odd.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: Starboard heel on my Mark V (admin)
Posted: 6:58:22 pm on 7/23/2011 Modified: Never
Well, I want my Mark V set up as a comfortable cruiser and I suspected the "mis" distribution of weight and the design of the interior (and cockpit setee storage)  I only race the long distance races as a single hander, so knowing what you've told me, I'll keep it as is, as a design "feature" and redistrubute the weight during races.  Man, they are touchy......downwind you gotta have the weight forward and put all your heavy stuff on the port side where there is minimal storage.  I keep water in my tank during long distance races hoping I'll be on a starboard tack for the majority of it.  With one person on board, I need all the help I can get.  FYI, I lashed my spinnaker pole to the starbord deck as a bow sprit about 1'1/2" out and used my down haul for the tack and it worked like magic and you can get pretty close hauled with it too.  It was simple to set,fly, jibe and bring down (with a chute scoop)  I highly reccommend this if race rules allow.  Thanks for your help.  Now I feel a lot better that I'm not the only one with the permenant heel.

Sea ya,
K.I.S.S hull #351

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