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  C&C 27 trivia (Jeff)
Posted: 8:31:58 pm on 7/28/2011 Modified: Never
So I have a couple questions that I'm curious about.  Having hull #4 I'm curious where #1, 2, and 3 might be.  Being a Hinterhoeller boat, what hull number did it change over to C&C?  My boat neighbour has a '72 MK1 as well, but mine has more teak in the cockpit than his.  Is this something that only happened on the Hinterhoeller boats?C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: C&C 27 trivia (bosco)
Posted: 5:43:03 pm on 8/5/2011 Modified: Never
Unrelated, but my friend at Brockville Yacht Club (John Kerr) owns hull #2 of the C & C 25 line.
Apparently, it was originally made for someone at C and C and has a unique feature-- a Pop-Top which provides head room in the galley area when it is raised.
 After all these years, the boat (and the skipper) still sail very , very well.

Clare Jordan
  Re: C&C 27 trivia (Konzeled)
Posted: 5:41:18 pm on 6/24/2013 Modified: Never
Flyer is sn 75 built in 1971.

Is it a Hinterholler build?

I have teak galley, salon trim, mast bulkhead, head cabinet  and locker wall.  Do you have more teak?
EdC&C27 Flyer
  Re: C&C 27 trivia (Jeff)
Posted: 10:26:35 pm on 7/11/2013 Modified: Never
By more teak, I meant more teak in the cockpit. My toerail doesn't go to the stern of the boat, I have a teak cap there.  The top of my cockpit coaming is also teak at the stern and I have some just aft of the cockpit lockers. Was going to attach a photo, but I don't think this board will allow it. Here's a link to a photo in my Flickr account.

C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: C&C 27 trivia (Van_Isle)
Posted: 3:40:39 pm on 1/19/2014 Modified: Never
Hull no. 3 is currently listed for sale in Annapolis ($1800!:

Assuming the seller has his hull number correct, it doesn't look too different from other Mk 1's I've seen.

North Saanich, B.C.