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  mildew on interior teak and varnishing (wjames)
Posted: 4:37:56 pm on 9/6/2011 Modified: Never

Excuse my ignorance: Sesiya (#643), based in N. Georgian Bay, tended to grow mildew on her oiled teak interior. I appreciate that this is a function of ventilation and seek advice on how and where to best ventilate. I varnished some teak surfaces and that seems to have eliminated the problem (so far). But the finish is locally unsatisfactory, and I would appreciate advice on best varnish and procedures.

  Re: mildew on interior teak and varnishing (Tonyj)
Posted: 4:21:07 pm on 9/9/2011 Modified: 10:00:48 am on 9/10/2011
Hi Bill:
Consider adding a Nicro solar vent in the forepeak area.  A 4" vent moves nearly twice the air a 3" does. Coupled with a passive exhaust vent at rear of the boat, this should provide a nice airflow.  If you have 110v at hand, you may want to add a Goldenrod dehumififier.
Once I oiled my interior teak with a "natural" finish, a linseed oil and beeswax mix.  What a mistake!  That turned out to be mildew fertilizer! I had to wash all the interior teak with a bleach solution to clear that up.
If you coat the interior with teak oil, you'll find your teak getting darker and darker, usually not a good thing.  If you use Wiemer's Lemon Oil, it won't darken your teak and it will prevent mildew.  I suggest Wieman's because it contains NO silicon.  If you use a lemon oil that contains silicon, you'll have big problems if you later try to varnish over the silicon.
Good Luck,
in low humidity San Diego      
  Re: mildew on interior teak and varnishing (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 9:33:47 pm on 9/9/2011 Modified: Never
Bill, rush to your local Home Hardware store and buy their WEIMAN's lemon oil. In answer to my query of last year our wise Admin gave me that guidance, and even in rather humid Bronte I now have a soft matt finish and no mildew. I used one of those fine plastic scrubbing pads to apply the oil on the first occasion ( a gentle touch ), which cleans the surface of any evil stuff, and at the same time ensures the oil gets into the pores of the wood. A soft cloth finishes the job. It is simple and not very time-consuming, and works on both Coasts it seems!!

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002