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  cabin liner edging (wjames)
Posted: 4:48:52 pm on 9/6/2011 Modified: Never
Another ignorant question: Anyone know a source/replacement/improvement for the original edging for the cabin liner? Working the bolts at the hull/deck joint from below is painful on Sesiya (mark3, 1976, #643) because of poor access and also the oozing grey sealant and adhering black grime. I would like to trim the liner locally to improve access to the stanchion bases, but find it impossible to cut the liner. Any solutions?
  Re: cabin liner edging (davidww1)
Posted: 3:19:45 pm on 9/7/2011 Modified: Never
Most questions are the product of ignorance; that's why you need to ask them. There is nothing wrong with ignorance begetting a question; problems arise only with ignorant answers. So don't belabour yourself, or you may have the admin on your tail for frittering away the world's supply of valuable pixels.

On Towser I cleaned away much of the grey and dirty sealant, scraping it away with a putty knife, then wiping the area clean with paint thinner or Varsol. This makes working in that area less mucky, and the stuff no longer gets on things that are piled too high on the shelves.

By trimming the liner, I think you're likely to make visible some of the areas that the liner was intended to hide, turning a once-in-a-year nuisance into a continual visual annoyance. Also, since the liner is fibreglass, cutting it will make a colossal mess.

I find I can reach all my stanchion nuts with a socket set; there are some however that are best reached with a geared socket wrench (if you haven't seen them, they're just like socket wrenches, but the socket ratchets - very handy).

I'm sorry - I have no idea where to get the edging.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: cabin liner edging (KenPole)
Posted: 5:21:50 pm on 9/23/2011 Modified: Never
Hi Bill. Suggest you try an RV manufacturer or other company which converts vans to RVs. They often have to cover raw edges with this type of extrusion. Failing that, suggest you try a local plastics supplier. Happy hunting.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: cabin liner edging (Dated)
Posted: 7:58:00 pm on 11/30/2011 Modified: Never
Hey Bill; For edging or T-moulding try this site  They have various sizes but I think that you need 1/2".  Good luck Reid MacDuff
Windsor, Nova Scotia
  Re: cabin liner edging (wjames)
Posted: 2:58:16 pm on 12/1/2011 Modified: Never
Good suggestion! A web-search for U-molding (or U-moulding) turned up several hopeful leads. I have not tried any (yet). Duh...never heard or thought of it. Thanks a lot.Bill