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  Loving my MkV (Brent)
Posted: 12:39:11 pm on 9/18/2011 Modified: 6:54:42 pm on 9/18/2011
I've just completed my 3rd season with my MkV and I have really gotten to know her and make her perform. I took a season off from racing to get into her which allowed me to fine tune this and that, listen to what she had to say and has resulted in me being way more in tune with what she does. Sometimes in the heat of wednesday night racing its easy to get into a rut that does not lend itself for trying new things.
The MkV is an awesome single-handing platform too and I have impressed myself with adventurous tricks such as performing well with a spinnaker in a weekend pursuit race. For an adrenaline kick, if you have never flown the chute by yourself, I recommend giving it a try (in light air).
This youtube link is some video I shot during one of my last great nights out on the water.

Brent Driedger
C&C 27 MkV
s/v Wild Rover
Lake Winnipeg
  Re: Loving my MkV (copasetic)
Posted: 7:51:09 pm on 9/18/2011 Modified: Never
Re: single-handing spinnaker. Did you do everything from the cockpit?

My Mark V came with a genniker with a sleeve. The line for raising/quenching the sleeve  does not lead to the cockpit. So I use the auto helm to keep us driving on course. Then I go forward to raise the sleeve, return to cockpit to then sail the genniker. I agree, it is great and I should do it more often.

Also, i use the auto helm when single handing with white sails so I can fuss with sail trim and learn. UNhappily I am a slow learner and do not transmit my limited knowledge to my crew when we race. Such is life.copasetic
  Re: Loving my MkV (Brent)
Posted: 12:47:24 pm on 9/30/2011 Modified: Never
Most of my gear goes to the cockpit but I set sails from the foredeck. My chutes live in turtles which adds to the difficulties and my foresails are on a foil. Going dead down wind things can get dicy quickly and gybing is always an adventure but it's fun to try new things. I race the boat on Wednesdays so I'll be leaving this set-up alone for now.
I use an ST1000 autohelm now and it is making life much easier.
Unfortunately the clubs photographer shot a great picture of my performing a perfect clew hoist on my last solo attempt. Most humbling.

Brent Driedger
s/v Wild Rover
C&C 27V #15
Lake Winnipeg
  Re: Loving my MkV (bosco)
Posted: 7:27:19 pm on 9/30/2011 Modified: Never
Hey Brent,
We've all done that type of spinnaker hoist. The last one we did, I told my foredeck guy, "Mike, that was the quickest hoist I've seen in a long time , but, it took forever to sheet it in!!"
 Clare Jordan
  Re: Loving my MkV (OriginalLynn)
Posted: 6:17:33 pm on 10/14/2011 Modified: Never

Nice video!

I've singlehanded with my cruising chute.  For self steering, I've been using the stick and string method.  It works fairly well when the sails are trimmed correctly.

Lynn McClaskey
C&C 27 Mk V
West River, Chesapeake Bay