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  CDI Propeller (davronn)
Posted: 1:14:20 pm on 9/19/2011 Modified: Never
Currently have a MK1 w/Michigan, 2 blade folding prop driven by A4, 12x8x7/8

Will be moving boat to NC and onto a dock where I think I want a fixed prop.

Has anyone had experience with the CDI product made for A4s?  Would you recommend?  Any installation issues?

Appreciate the help!

  Re: CDI Propeller (Kilroy)
Posted: 9:13:54 pm on 9/20/2011 Modified: Never
I have been looking for a folding prop. Are you interested in discussing a swap.
Tim ,Windsor On.
"Oui R One"
C&C 27 MK III  511