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question Mast Rake (VernonSailor)
Posted: 7:47:53 pm on 11/23/2011 Modified: Never
Steve Reid,

How was your summer?

I have read your advice on tuning the MK V in Black Arts and have made note of your comments (as well as Len Ramsay's and Bob England's) concerning rake.

One question: Do you measure rake along the boom or along the cabin top? ie Where does your plumb bob go to?

Thanks for your help


Rob Ladan _/)
Airborne ll MK V #520
Vernon Yacht Club, Vernon BC
  Re: Mast Rake (JWente)
Posted: 9:19:01 pm on 11/23/2011 Modified: Never
I measure a halyard hanging to the boom.
and we carry about 18" of rake
  Re: Mast Rake (Tonyj)
Posted: 11:54:56 am on 11/24/2011 Modified: Never
Wow! Doesn't 18" mast rake give you tons of weather helm?
My MkV has 6" rake and I'm fighting rounding up in the gusts.
Tony Jeske
Mk V #581
San Diego
  Re: Mast Rake (JWente)
Posted: 7:57:39 pm on 11/24/2011 Modified: Never
rounding up in the gusts is not the same as weather helm.

- 18" rake
- in 12 knots lots of backstay
- in 14 knots all the backstay you dare
- anticipate the gusts, and ease the traveller before they hit
- pinch up a bit when the gust hits
- you willl have no weather helm and be incredibly fast

  Re: Mast Rake (Steve Reid)
Posted: 10:03:00 pm on 11/26/2011 Modified: Never
Mast Rake and weather helm don't necessarily go hand in hand. As Jim Wente notes below it's more a matter of how you play the traveller. On in the lulls and off in the puffs. Anticipate the puffs and start to point up before it hits. The other thing is you need lots of mainsheet tension, the flatter you can make the main the better. I learned in my catamaran sailing days that if you can keep the top of the main as flat as possible in heavy windy conditions you had better control of the boat. The other trick with the Mark V is to get the weight as far back as you can when it blows.

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working MkV #75
  Re: Mast Rake (Brent)
Posted: 12:19:25 pm on 11/30/2011 Modified: Never
Nothing gets a good bruha going at our club like discussing rake vs. bend. One particular member and myself have gone at it till the wee hours of the morning using articles such as pedestal mounted oscillating fans, chairs and paddles to get our points across as to what constitutes rake and what makes bend. Sometimes I start it up just to get him going!
His argument is that you cannot create rake without shimming the base of the mast. I follow this by leaning a chair back on its hind legs "there, it's raked...18"!"
Man I can't wait till racing season begins again!

Brent Driedger
s/v Wild Rover
C&C 27 MkV
Under her tarp asleep for the winter