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  Recomendations for Racing Sails for Mark V (Beeker)
Posted: 10:44:55 pm on 12/19/2011 Modified: Never
I need to know what sailing lofts you Mark V racers are using.  Since there are so many 27's out East it would be nice to talk to a sailmaker who knows the boats well. We're trying to build a fleet at our club (4 and counting).  Any input would be great.

Dave Pollock
Stormy, Mk V
Vernon, BC

  Re: Recomendations for Racing Sails for Mark V (clanning)
Posted: 10:01:39 am on 12/20/2011 Modified: Never
Well, in a nutshell, there are 3 rules:
1) who's local?  No substitute for service.
2) what are the leading boats using?  (I'm talking about well-sailed, similarly sized masthead racer-cruisers.)
3) see Rule #1 again.

You can go North, Far East, FX or Sails Direct (i.e., North online) or you can talk to a local loft that offers service in your area.

We have one local rep for a name brand loft up here, but we now have a Toronto loft (repping another name brand sail) that is paying attention to our fleets, knows what they're doing, providing service, and making periodic visits here.

All of the lofts have access to the same basic materials, and most will have good shapes, but the thing that may get you is a mistake in measurement or finishing, and that's when the local representation will make or break your experience.

Boat show season in this part of the country is January, and there are specials to be had.  Good hunting, and Merry Christmas!
Chuck Lanning
NSC, Ottawa
  Re: Recomendations for Racing Sails for Mark V (JWente)
Posted: 5:52:34 pm on 12/20/2011 Modified: Never
Distant Thunder is using Quantum sails designed by Quantum Toronto.  We also have a nice #1 tape drive from the UK loft in Toronto.
We're fast

SKW is using Doyle sails designed by Ed Botterell.
SKW is fast.

We raced a MKV named Fuzzy Logic last year that had a full set of UK sails from toronto- and they were pretty fast as well.

  Re: Recomendations for Racing Sails for Mark V (Steve Reid)
Posted: 12:08:12 pm on 12/22/2011 Modified: Never
If your serious about racing and it sounds like you are, then you need to go to someone who will give you a level of service and help you get the most out of your sails.
As Jim has note above he uses quantum (now Evolution) and UK. I use, and have for years, Doyle. I have an outstanding relationship with Ed botterell and Spike Boston. They give me top notch service and great sails.
you don't mention where you are located so I can't be specific about your choices. I'd stay away from any online or mail order sails. you need someone who will come to you, take measurements and then go out with you once the sail/s are built to make sure they are right and you are setting things up correctly. Any sailmaker worth his/her salt will be only too willing to do that.
As far as sail materials go you probably don't need to go with anything more than a good high end dacron for your main, you will need a 2+2 batten arrangement. For your genoas you should consider a laminate material, Jim and I use the same material, Doyle calls it flex, not sure what Evolution (Quantum) call it. It comes in various weights and the fiber in the laminate ranges from dacron to kevlar.
You can go on Doyle's website and get the contact info for either Boston or Botterell, use my name if you want. Or you can go on Evoution's or UK's sites and contact the Toronto lofts, you can likely use Jim's mane as well. Good luck in your quest!

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working, MkV #75