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  *WTB* Mark III or IV sails (sony2000)
Posted: 9:52:19 pm on 12/26/2011 Modified: 9:31:32 pm on 5/29/2012
My project C&C needs a MAINSAIL that is either in Kevlar or Mylar and in good condition. Please let me know what you have.
  Re: WTB jib or genoa (oasis)
Posted: 12:43:45 pm on 12/26/2011 Modified: Never
Hi.  With respect, you might want to recheck that.  There is a Wave 26 about 2 or 3 slips from my 27 Mk V, and there are several older 27's in the marina too, tho I don't know the Mk's.  The Wave has same hull as a Mk V, but a very small rig.  Its mast has to be at least 3 feet shorter than my Mk V rig.

Good luck.

Barry, Oasis, 1987 Mk V, no 575
  Re: WTB jib or genoa (sony2000)
Posted: 3:53:15 pm on 12/26/2011 Modified: 3:58:45 pm on 12/26/2011
Barry, My I is 35.3 ft. from the chart. Having checked the rig dimensions for the two that I mentioned, they both are listed with an I = 35.5 ft. The Mark V is not listed.
From the Association site I best match the Mark 11.
  Re: WTB jib or genoa (sony2000)
Posted: 4:38:03 pm on 12/26/2011 Modified: 8:00:00 pm on 3/5/2012
The sail manufacturing site has mislead me on the I an J lengths. From another source of boat specifications, I should use an I of 37.25 ft. and a J of 11.63 ft.
Therefore the 27 Assoc. chart would match me to a Mark 111 and a Mark 1V, but not a Mark V.
  Re: WTB jib or genoa (oasis)
Posted: 9:53:24 pm on 12/27/2011 Modified: Never
Hi.  If you check the C&C site, you will find copies brochures for both the 26 Wave - it lists bridge clearance as 34`6``.  For the 27 Mk V it lists the I measurement as 35`5``.

Hope this helps.

  Re: *WTB* Mark III or IV sails (sony2000)
Posted: 9:37:05 pm on 5/29/2012 Modified: Never