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  Bedding (sguiney)
Posted: 7:51:50 pm on 1/28/2012 Modified: Never
Looking for suggestions from fellow members for what they use for their v-berth beds. Such as fitted sheets or comforters. Has anyone tried the Travasak sleep system?

Steve Guiney
Stoney Creek, ON
1974 Mark II, #425

  Re: Bedding (Capt’n Tom)
Posted: 2:47:30 pm on 3/12/2012 Modified: Never
Steve, I do not know the Travasak sleep system. What do you know about this system?
I find a duvet/comforter over an under sheet to be the most comfortable and warm enough. A sleeping bag tends to be confining and frequently awkward.

Tom Ellis
Aries ‘76 C&C 27
The Blue Mountains, ON

  Re: Bedding (blimbaum)
Posted: 2:55:21 pm on 3/19/2012 Modified: Never
i use old waterbed sheets and comfortor so comfortable for the two of us