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  Emergency tiller MKV (Hunter)
Posted: 9:35:35 pm on 2/7/2012 Modified: Never
Hello, I recently purchased a 1984 C&C 27 MKV. During the inspection it was noted that there was no emergency tiller on board the boat. I asked the previous owner who was also the original owner and he told me he never had one.

1- can you tell me where I could get one in Canada.

2- If I can't get one can someone take a picture of one and post the picture and dimensions so I can get one made.

Thank you,
  Re: Emergency tiller MKV (Tonyj)
Posted: 7:42:55 pm on 2/8/2012 Modified: Never
Hi Hunter:
Normally, an emergency tiller is only required if you have wheel steering.  The steering cable could snap, or come off the quadrants, etc., in which case you'd be in big trouble without a backup emergency tiller.  
Somewhere I have a copy of the ORC equipment regulations, but my "fail safe" filing system seems to have deserted me, so I'm doing this from memory only.  On boats like ours, with a wooden tiller, the ORC regs MAY require the we have a non-breakable (metal) emergency tiller aboard.  If so, a piece of 1/2" pipe with a couple of flanges welded on to fit onto the rudder would suffice. I'd say this is a very low priority item.  Modern laminated wooden tillers are VERY unlikely to fail.
Tony Jeske
MkV #581
San Diego
  Re: Emergency tiller MKV (Hunter)
Posted: 6:53:52 pm on 3/15/2012 Modified: Never
Regardless to if and when I might need an emergency tiller.  Can someone please post a picture of one?  Dimensions would be nice too.

Thank you,

Hunter van Leeuwen
Whites Lake, NS