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  Fuel filter for 1GM10 (oasis)
Posted: 8:50:38 pm on 4/23/2012 Modified: Never
My Mk V has a 1GM10, and I have never replaced the on engine fuel filter.  Thought after 7 years might be a good idea.  Looks like it will be quite difficult to get at it.  Anyone have any advice about how best to do this and about how to bleed the system after?  

Just looked at the air filter today.  Sort of a metal cone with thin foam around it.  Foam disintegrated into black powder upon touching  Surprised it didn't fall apart and get sucked into the engine.  Thanks.

Barry - Oasis, 1987 Mk V
  Re: Fuel filter for 1GM10 (oasis)
Posted: 10:27:15 pm on 8/29/2012 Modified: Never
I answered my own question!  Changing filters and bleeding lines was easy after I found this article on line.  Great description and photos of how to bleed a 1GM10.  Mine has a rubber bulb in the line from the fuel tank to the first filter - like the ones you see on outboard tank fuel lines.  Used that instead of the little lever on the fuel pump, and it worked great.  Link may not be "clickable", so you might have to copy and paste.

Hope this helps some one else.

Barry  Oasis, 1987 Mk V