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  1GM10 water pump access (Brent)
Posted: 1:28:33 pm on 5/14/2012 Modified: Never
Good day folks.
Yanmar 1GM10's seem to have a service design flaw which is poor access to the water pump cover.
Since I bought my C&C 27 MKV I have been inspecting the water pump by using a very very small phillips screw driver which at a severe angle, just squeaks in past the pulley blocking the screws to the cover.
Is there a different method other than pulley removal that I have not figured out yet? If I loose that screwdriver, I'm screwed!

Brent Driedger
C&C 27 MkV
s/v Wild Rover
Lake Winnipeg
  Re: 1GM10 water pump access (JWente)
Posted: 7:46:19 pm on 5/16/2012 Modified: Never
that pulley has three holes in it
you can rotate the pulley until one of the holes lines up with the screw holding the plate to the water pump, and stick your screw driver through the hole