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  genoa tracks placement (thomasdooley)
Posted: 10:00:53 pm on 5/27/2012 Modified: Never
I am just about to start installing genoa tracks on my 1978 MKIII. No more sheeting to the toerail.

I have seen the pictures in the Black Arts section of what David did on Towser. I want to do that. I originally wanted to install my tracks way more inboard as others have shown but soon realized that I could not sheet a large genoa inside the shrouds, and it seems trimming any sail would be troublesome.

David - are you happy with your placement? I see that your track aligns with the aft lower stay - does the foot of the genoa touch the stay when sheeted in tight? Would you have preferred to locate closer to the centerline, but chose not to because of difficulty threading the sheet and or sail through the stays? What measure of improved windward performance have your tracks provided?

Thanks to all for any comments/suggestions.

Thank You,

Thomas Dooley
1978 MKIII
Hamilton, MA

  Re: genoa tracks placement (capricous)
Posted: 10:31:35 am on 5/28/2012 Modified: 10:33:16 am on 5/28/2012
Hi Tom
I'm in Marblehead and if you would like to have a look at the genoa tracks on Capricious youre more than welcome.
The PO installed them so I don't have any knowledge of rail sheeting.

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: genoa tracks placement (whippet)
Posted: 3:07:48 pm on 5/28/2012 Modified: Never

I did the Towser recommendations on Port side this winter.   A bigger job than intended since had wet or decayed balsa in the area.   So i ended up cutting several rectangles a few inches long within confines of track coverage.  From there, did as much digging and epoxy filing as possible.  I didnt have de-lamination prior and all seems solid now.

Seems there wasn't a  lot of room to move toward rails if i wanted to -- maybe 3 inches?   i dont have issues w sheet hitting stays using the original location.

but Towswer Captain is expert here, so await his wisdom

TS&CC, 1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Toronto ON

  Re: genoa tracks placement (davidww1)
Posted: 1:51:48 pm on 5/29/2012 Modified: Never

The exec summary is that I am happy with the placement, as it serves my needs. Whether it is ideal is anyone's guess, but as I only now race two major regattas a year on Towser, it's good enough for the regattas. Where it really works is in our club races.

Our situation is a bit peculiar, so I will outline a bit. The Harbour Commission doesn't allow us to fly spinnakers in Toronto harbour, where our Tuesday night races are held, so typically, we often race with a sail at least one size larger than we really should upwind, to maintain downwind power. With the long track and controllable car, I can move the lead around at will for upwind conditions (including right aft when it's honking), then run it right forward for the off-wind legs.

Moving the car forward provides a good, relatively-far inboard position for the no. 2, which is cut close to the deck. Obviously, by the time the car is set for the no. 3, it's pretty far outboard, particularly compared with the boats that have car positions on the coach-roof. In the one real test we've had of the no. 3, though, the boat performed very well. It was a regatta with about 30 kt of wind with a short chop (just about the worst conditions imaginable for an older 27 - the V's ran away from us). Nevertheless, we sailed as high as anyone else and we sailed fast - in the last race, we were the first older mark to finish.

That result makes me hark back to something a one-design dinghy friend once said of his very successful boat: "We can sail as high and as fast as anyone in the fleet and be well up in the melee at the weather mark. If we have the presence of mind to crack off a degree or two, we'll leave them all in our wake." Obviously he was turning better boatspeed into a combination of better boatspeed and better foil/water interaction, equalling better VMG. Something like that was going on for us in that regatta.

Would that also be true with the no. 1 in our club races? I just don't know. I do know that Towser can point as high or higher at the same speed compared with most of the other boats (there is one boat that appears to have a pact with the devil re: pointing angle, so I don't include her). Inboard sheeting gives you an extra edge on the line, where you're scrabbling for inches. Would it be better to move the lead a few inches outboard once you're clear and sail for VMG? There are so many variables, including the difficulty of finding and staying in a lane of decent wind when so many boats are sailing in a fairly small patch of water, I just can't tell.

Sorry I can't be more decisive about things. Ask questions if I've left any holes.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: genoa tracks placement (Hugh Morrin)
Posted: 11:28:41 pm on 7/19/2012 Modified: Never
Tom et al,

David has updated the Black Arts section with a photograph and comments of what we did on Blue Zulu. See



Hugh Morrin
Blue Zulu
C&C 27 Mk III, #894
Nepean Sailing Club