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  MarkII Cabin Roof Traveller (pferland)
Posted: 8:51:44 pm on 5/30/2012 Modified: Never
Does anyone have experience - photos of what may be involved with re-rigging the main sheet and traveller to cabin roof on a MarkII? Attachment to boom / sheet routing to cockpit? Presently my system is set-up is stock and aft arrangement which does not allow for bimini set up
Many Thanks,
Owner "Ca Va Bien"
  Re: MarkII Cabin Roof Traveller (admin)
Posted: 10:59:34 am on 5/30/2012 Modified: Never
I assembled a page on a cabin-top traveller last year, then forgot to add it to the Black Arts index page. You'll find photos there. Apologies to Ed Blackshear of Play Hookey who provided the photos, diagram and description.

- Admin