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  Travelling with an inflatable lifejacket (admin)
Posted: 11:40:42 am on 5/30/2012 Modified: Never
Ever travelled with an inflatable life jacket and been told you couldn't take it because of the "dangerous and prohibited" gas cylinder? Or left yours at home because you were concerned that it might be taken from you? And this despite the fact that there's an identical cylinder on the jacket under your seat? This fellow is an international race official and he's been through it many times. Here's a solution: (Tuesday, 29 May 2012)

Print the documents linked below; if they tell you that you could have made it up, show them this link to the IATA web site and invite them to try for themselves:

Finally, this is a drawing of what they're looking at.

Of course, none of this will stave off the real idiots, like the clown who took my wife's tiny nail scissors, despite a placard right beside him saying that small nail scissors are acceptable, but it might get you through if anyone there has any respect for airline passengers.

- Admin