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  Battery Location (dmartis)
Posted: 3:31:17 pm on 6/19/2012 Modified: Never
The batteries for my Mark 3 are currently located right beside the engine.  What better way to get the heart pumping than making sparks immediately beside a carbuerator loaded with gas vapours?  I'm hoping to relocate them to where the muffler is currently located, in the port cockpit locker, immediately aft of the bulkhead.  Probably a lot safer, and help balance the fuel tank in the starboard locker.

Where are the batteries for most Mark 3's located??

My dilemma then becomes relocating the muffler. I have one of those little plastic Vetus mufflers that I could mount on the hull, sort beside the transmission, behind the exhaust manifold.  There looks to be some kind of stiffener or bulkhead at this spot supporting the cockpit floor.  

Has anyone relocated their muffler? Or amy I better off to make room for it beside the batteries?

Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636
  Re: Battery Location (bosco)
Posted: 5:55:30 pm on 6/19/2012 Modified: Never
Hey Dan,
 Sounds like you're making yourself way too much work. Moving the muffler ??? Wow !
 Putting the batteries in the bilge area is moving them to a lower spot than they are at present and into an area where gas fumes (if any) would accumulate. Batteries don't "spark" anyway!
 Use your time/energy in better way--- go sailing and enjoy your boat.
Clare Jordan  Aragorn
  Re: Battery Location (davidww1)
Posted: 9:33:07 pm on 6/20/2012 Modified: Never
This is an echo of a preceding post. Why bother?

Yes, there is a nice spot for the muffler just aft of the shaft log and in front of the half-bulkhead that supports the sole, but consider that moving your muffler there will probably require new exhaust hose. That will cost you three or four hundred dollars, if I recall my replacement. Unless you need to replace the hoses, it's a lot of money for a less-than-zero benefit.

Yes, there is a nice spot for a battery platform at the forward end of the port locker, which enables you to move your batteries closer to the stern, where you least want the weight. As an added bonus, you create a storage space beside the engine, which is utterly useless.

Your batteries don't spark unless you make them do it deliberately. Moreover, your engine has a flame arrestor on the carb mouth to prevent outside sparks from igniting gas in the carb, or a backfire spurting out of the carb into the boat. As I've said elsewhere, gasoline on boats is a lot safer than people give it credit for (propane is another matter).

Relax. Enjoy your boat and the summer.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Battery Location (carriden)
Posted: 12:54:01 pm on 6/20/2012 Modified: Never
Hey Dan,
Carriden has her batteries abaft the aft main bulkhead, in the port cockpit locker.  I don't feel that this shifts the weight so far aft that it makes a major trim difference.  Properly done, it yields a much more solid mounting platform than the shelves beside the engine, which is one reason that Ivan had me help convert C-Wolf to a similar mounting system.  It greatly improves access to the port side of the engine, including all those fiddly bits like the carburetor, fuel pump, polishing filter, etc.  I now use the space for the permanently mounted battery charger, storage for spare oil and lubricating fluids and, eventually, a tip-out waste bin.  My original stainless muffler is located on a small platform beside the stuffing box.  Pop across the creek and have a look sometime.

Marcus from Carriden

Mk III, Hull #847
Oakville, Ontario