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  buying C&C 27 (ptvncnt)
Posted: 6:07:57 pm on 6/27/2012 Modified: Never
I little new to the sailing world but i am interested in this boat kind of in my budget can anyone give me some advice  I included the link so you can check it out thanks
  Re: buying C&C 27 (dmartis)
Posted: 12:00:12 pm on 6/28/2012 Modified: Never
At that price range, its tough to go wrong.  From the photos, it looks to be in decent shape.  The engine looks to have some type of additional pump added to it (maybe freshwater cooling?) and by the looks of the rust on it, may have seen better days.  Check the decks carefully and look for spiderweb cracks or deck delamination by sound the deck for hollow areas or using a moisture meter.  Really, a survey may be worthwhile.  

It looks as though you have enough sails to get out in fair conditions, but you may want to look at their age/condition also.

Good luck! I've got a '76 also, it was a great year!

Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636
  Re: buying C&C 27 (davidww1)
Posted: 12:41:21 pm on 6/28/2012 Modified: Never
I have to disagree with the previous post - no matter what the price, it's very easy to go wrong and end up with a boat that will drive you crazy because you don't know how to prioritize or address its problems - then you've got a white elephant. The photos look okay - even the engine looks reasonable for a saltwater boat, but read on some of the obvious issues, decide if you still like the boat, and if so, engage a credentialed surveyor to look at it in depth. There is no way you can get a dependable idea of whether a deck is sound just by looking at it and using a moisture meter takes some practice. A surveyor will identify the issues you could not possibly see, which will either set your mind at rest if they are minimal or give you a bargaining edge that may more than repay his fee.

I do, however, agree with the previous post's sentiment - good luck.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: buying C&C 27 (Brent)
Posted: 11:25:35 pm on 6/28/2012 Modified: Never
The pictures are a helpful start. If you like what you see and no red flags come up then a survey is the next step. This boat looks wet to me. I see a lot of water stains below the shroud chain plates on the bulkhead. I'm also seeing a discolouration on the sole near the v-berth and the sump cover looks watered too. On the plus side the self tailing winches are a great step up and the furler looks decent.
You would want to see the boat on the hard to look for blisters and keel damage too. This can make a cheap boat a real nightmare.

Brent Driedger
C&C 27 MkV
s/v Wild Rover
  Re: buying C&C 27 (ptvncnt)
Posted: 11:25:25 am on 6/29/2012 Modified: Never
thanks for the advice. Did visit boat and you were right bilge full of water. At The chain plates someone had chalked over the screws?? some spidering at the stanchions.all the windows will need replacing gaskets look shot. from what at saw at the deck to hull connection bolts did not see signs leaking. the head had speck of water below the y connection. My gut says its wet  but i think from leaking glass and hatch. Of note the broker says guy wants it sold by this sunday.I think if that going to happen I think some could get this boat for about 6800.00. I think i will sit on the sidelines and if it does not go make an offer and get a survey..