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  bottom cleaning (ptvncnt)
Posted: 3:44:46 pm on 7/16/2012 Modified: Never
just wondering does anyone have any advise on a good cleaning agent for the bottom of the boat and what to stay away from?
  Re: bottom cleaning (davidww1)
Posted: 5:48:10 pm on 7/16/2012 Modified: Never
The best tools for cleaning the bottom of your boat are a pressure washer and a moderately stiff brush wielded with lots of elbow grease. What to stay away from? I'd say, your boat - it's a nasty, messy job, so get someone else to do it.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: bottom cleaning (clanning)
Posted: 9:42:08 pm on 7/17/2012 Modified: 9:42:37 pm on 7/17/2012
Sort of depends what you're trying to clean-off, although in any case David is right.  Expect to be covered in crap when you're finished.  Especially using a pressure washer -- the addition of horsepower expedites the flinging of said crap faster and over greater distances.

Are you in fresh or salt water?  How long has the boat been in since the last clean, or is it on the hard and dried-on?

I have a lovely photo of a 34 in slings with about 3 inches of barnacles/mussels whatever encrusting the entire underbody... so however bad it is, remember, it could be worse.
Chuck Lanning
NSC, Ottawa
  Re: bottom cleaning (ptvncnt)
Posted: 10:11:01 am on 7/17/2012 Modified: Never
thanks all. its been in salt i am going to put on the hard. sound like i will get someone to do a rough cleaning. 2nd quustion how about restoring the oxidized fiberglass? and shining up the free board?

  Re: bottom cleaning (Steve Reid)
Posted: 7:20:56 pm on 7/17/2012 Modified: Never
As far as restoring the GelCoat I used a product called Aqua Buff 2000 this past spring on the smooth areas of my deck and cabin top and cockpit on my 85 Mark V.
The results were trully impressive, most people can't believe the shine.
You need clean the surface and get all of the dirt and grime off. Then working in small areas at a time like no more than 2 ft. square apply the Aquabuff with a brush, then with a high speed buffer (2800- 3,000 rpm) buff the surface, if the compound begins to dry out mist the area with water. Once you have buffed the entire boat you will need to wash it again to remove any residual compound. Then you can wax the boat with a good high quality marine wax. you want to look for a wax that is also a sealant. Maguires makes a good one, comes in a black bottle. Todays good marine waxes are generally a polymer composition that seal the surface, give it a gloss and protect it from all the various UV rays that are what cause the degredation of the surface.

Steve Reid
  Re: bottom cleaning (davidww1)
Posted: 10:03:00 am on 7/18/2012 Modified: Never
There is a thread about one page back called "Cleaning gelcoat" with many suggestions for the topsides and the deck. Alan Ford recommended a product called Zep Industrial Cleaner. I can attest that this does a remarkable job of removing dirt and dead wax and may be a good precursor to the Aquabuff that Steve Reid recommends.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: bottom cleaning (oasis)
Posted: 8:18:17 pm on 7/19/2012 Modified: Never
Steve, does this product result in a slippery surface?  I see it is only for smooth surfaces, not the non skid areas.  Am I correct that this is meant as a restorer, vs. Aurora Sure Step, which is discussed in an earlier thread, Sure Step being a non slip wax for all deck surfaces - non skid and smooth.  So would you then put Sure Step, or similar, over top after the restore?

Barry,  Oasis, 1985 Mk V
  Re: bottom cleaning (Katara)
Posted: 8:34:56 pm on 2/5/2014 Modified: Never
I've been using Aqua Buff for years on my own boat and my clients boats it's what works period.It can be used on the non skid , it's messy and dusty though . I go through the whole deck , not expecting to remove the product with the polisher . My goal is to work the product over the surface to open the pores of the gel-coat and dig out the oxidation . then with hot water , the hotter the better and lil starbright non skid cleaner i scrub out the aqua buff from the non skid leaving gorgeous shiny deck . I find personally if you wax the paste wax from 3M out performs any liquid wax on the market and you use a lot less product saving you money in the end.

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
Bronte, ON