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  Cunningham (JRTauber)
Posted: 12:35:18 pm on 7/18/2012 Modified: Never
I recently purchases a C&C 27 MKV.   There is no Cunningham.  Can you run one through one of the two rings on either side in the gooseneck fitting.  Is that what those are for?   Any suggestions for an effective Cunningham.   Thanks.  Jerry Tauber

Jerome Tauber
C&C 27 MKV Fast Lane
3 Mile Harbor, East Hampton, NY

  Re: Cunningham (copasetic)
Posted: 12:49:53 pm on 7/19/2012 Modified: Never
Jerry, I rigged a Cunningham for my Mark V which had no rings on the gooseneck, just reefing hooks.  I took a V hook and attached it to an eye on the top of a single block using about a foot of line. I rigged the block to a snatch block that had a cam cleat and a becket for the bitter end of the rigging line. The snatch block is cleated to an eye fastened to the mast step. I don't have enough deck organizers to lead the Cunningham to the cockpit so that is the reason for the cam cleat  on the snatch block. In use, it is more often used for reefing the main as it is much easier to shake out the Cunningham than it is to detach the reefing grommet from the gooseneck hook.

If you have a friend who would like to own a Mark V, he could contact me about
Magique which I plan to sell at the end of the season. He, she could easily come to
CT to check out the boat in the water and we could deliver it if desired.