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  Mk I/II or III/IV (Van_Isle)
Posted: 2:49:06 pm on 7/25/2012 Modified: 2:50:32 pm on 7/25/2012
1st post here!  

I've been looking at a number of C&C27's .... mostly Mk I and II's available in my area (lower Vancouver Island).  I'm getting back into sailing after a long hiatus and most of my prior experience is with dinghys(former Lightning sailer/racer & sailing instructor in Ontario).

For the typical conditions on the West Coast how would one rate the differences between a Mk I/II and the larger rig, etc. of the Mk II/IV?

I expect the boat to be used for day sails / weekending in the Gulf Islands and I fully expect to get in on some club racing.

Thanks guys!
  Re: Mk I/II or III/IV (Van_Isle)
Posted: 6:12:59 pm on 7/29/2012 Modified: Never
Well ... I hope a Mk III works as we just had our offer accepted on a nice 1979 Mk III. Survey, etc. to follow!

North Saanich, B.C.

question Re: Mk I/II or III/IV (Van_Isle)
Posted: 3:55:21 pm on 8/6/2012 Modified: Never
Well, the survey turned up an area on the port side midships that is 'dented' + a couple 'dimples'. Quite large - several areas perhaps over a 5-ft by 2 ft area. Surveyor doesn't think it is a structural issue but perhaps caused by problems pulling the boat from the mold or in the fiberglass resin in the area causing excess heat generation during curing or (or perhaps combined with) something like mis-aligned/mis-shaped cabinetry / settee bulkheads inside. No evidence of damage in the area inside or out. Anyone run into anything like this before?

North Saanich, B.C.

  Re: Mk I/II or III/IV (davidww1)
Posted: 11:24:35 am on 8/6/2012 Modified: Never
This sounds like an issue you might want to speak to a boatbuilder or another surveyor about. You don't give an indication of the severity, and that might help - as in, is it a cosmetic issue that you can see when the light is just right, or is it really obvious, as in, it might affect the boat's performance tack to tack?

Part of the response has to be personal. Is this something you can say, 'okay,' about right now but it's going to drive you nuts later? Or are you the sort who can say, 'that gave me leverage to knock a thousand off the asking price,' then totally forget about the issue?

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Mk I/II or III/IV (Van_Isle)
Posted: 12:21:10 pm on 8/6/2012 Modified: Never
That's about exactly the arguement I'm battling with right now. I didn't notice it on the 1st viewing of the boat but someone else did when I took them by to see the boat ... from the dock as it was the side opposite the finger it was lying against. It doesn't show up in all light conditions and it gives various effects depending on how the light hits it / reflects off the surface of the water. Certainly plainly obvious once you know it is there so I suppose it falls into the 'will drive you nuts' category.

North Saanich, B.C.

  Re: Mk I/II or III/IV (Van_Isle)
Posted: 2:01:16 pm on 9/6/2012 Modified: Never
After another bad experience surveying a different boat, we decided that the deal on the C&C Mk III was just too good to pass up ... I'm going to live with the 'dents' for now - when it comes time to paint topsides I'll fair out the 'dents'.  It's an estate sale boat so it has a huge amount of kit, spare parts, etc. on-board as well as wheel steering, good electronics, windlass, newer propane cabin heater / stove / BBQ with external fiberglass tank, newer upolstery, holding tank, dodger, harken furling, canvas covers for everything, decent main / genoa and gennaker, dingy, etc.

North Saanich, B.C.