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question Adjusting Engine Controls (OriginalLynn)
Posted: 10:52:00 pm on 8/3/2012 Modified: Never
I have a Mark V with a Yanmar 1GM10.  My throttle and my gear shift no longer operate independently.  For example, when I move the gear handle from neutral to reverse, the throttle comes back with it and can cause the engine to die.  It's fine if I hold the throttle in position, but I'm a single hander and usually work these controls with my foot.  Any suggestions on how to adjust the controls?

Lynn M.
West River, MD
  Re: Adjusting Engine Controls (Chivas)
Posted: 7:43:45 pm on 8/4/2012 Modified: Never
Hard to tell without seeing it, but it sounds like a foreign body is jammed between the gear and throttle chrome bodies causing them to become one, or inside the storage locker something has comprimized the independent operation on your controls. Good luck with your resolve.

Steve Hnatyshyn
Chivas & Champagne
Mark V
NSC, Ontario.

Stephen Hnatyshyn
Chivas & Champagne, Mk V
Nepean Sailing Club
Nepean, ON