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  Follow up - please! (admin)
Posted: 10:39:20 pm on 8/4/2012 Modified: 10:40:38 pm on 8/4/2012
If you ask a question, get an answer and find that answer does or does not work for you, let us know. We have no end of suggestions and bright ideas on this Forum, but the proof in the pudding is knowing whether it works for you. Did it work? Did it sorta work? Did you find an alternative on your own? Let us know. That's what makes the Forum valuable.

- Admin

  Re: Follow up - please! (admin)
Posted: 4:00:08 pm on 8/7/2012 Modified: 10:20:22 am on 8/20/2012
Asking for help isn't what I had in mind (this refers to a post that was deleted at its author's request - though she could have done it herself, nag, nag). What I'm looking for is closing circles - you ask for help in fixing your rudder (or something else - the rudder is just an example), a group of people give suggestions, you use or don't use them as the case may be, then you let us know which suggestions worked for you and which didn't. At present, many of our question/answer threads lack that last step.

On the other hand, we have an excellent example of follow-up in the thread, Atomic 4 Operating Temp - "whippet" asks a question about his overheating A4; he gets half a dozen responses, some recounting what the poster did with his engine and what it achieved, others proposing alternatives, yet others amplifying or providing a different persepctive on a common theme. Then, "Cap'n Tom" comes in asking for a new level of detail, duly provided. Finally Capt'n Tom provides a detailed account of what he did (while the memory is fresh), what he found and what he achieved. Ultimately, what we have is a much more complete picture of how to address an overheating A4.

- Admin

  Re: Follow up - please! (Monte)
Posted: 10:57:11 pm on 8/19/2012 Modified: Never
Thank you for the Black Arts issue on repairing glued windows. We followed your instructions step-by-step and turned out a terrific product. It was a great help to us in two ways: 1) it provided enough information to encourage us to try your method, 2) it clearly outlined the procedure and gave us the contacts we needed to do the job.  Monte Peters
27 Mark IV, H&H
  Re: Follow up - please! (Monte)
Posted: 8:16:24 pm on 8/20/2012 Modified: Never
Thank you for your reply. We used Plexus MA590 Two part glue w/Static mixer which we obtained from South Shore Yachts. Amazing stuff! Monte Peters
27 Mark IV, H&H
  Re: Follow up - please! (bosco)
Posted: 7:09:13 pm on 8/23/2012 Modified: Never
Zep 505 ( as mentioned in an earlier Forum post )IS as good as a cleaner as anything I've ever tried  for the hull and decks.

Clare Jordan  Aragorn