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  Yanmar controls (Brent)
Posted: 9:36:42 pm on 8/11/2012 Modified: Never
My engine controls on my MkV were modified by the original owner. The knob above the engine kill knob had been rewired to run a deck wash pump which leaves me wondering what the original intention of this knob was for. Is the 1GM10 equipped with a pre-heater and did this knob activate it... or what.


Brent Driedger
s/v Wild Rover
C&C 27 MkV #15
  Re: Yanmar controls (surfj24)
Posted: 5:19:38 pm on 8/12/2012 Modified: Never
I have the same engine with the same bunch of knobs and toggles.  None of them do anything.  The only thing that works on the panel is the fuel, rpm, start and stop.  If you find out what the rest of that stuff is, please let me know.

Joe Kiehm
K.I.S.S. (keep is simple stupid)
1985 Mark V Hull #531
Milwaukee, WI.
  Re: Yanmar controls (Brent)
Posted: 10:50:52 pm on 8/13/2012 Modified: Never
Hi Joe
The two position switch directly on the panel sits at rest in the middle position. Pushed up (or maybe down) it simulates a fault and causes the horn and alert lights to glow. I'm guessing this i a indicator test position. Down... I have no idea. The back-lights for the gauges are always on so it doesn't turn those on.