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  Bronte Rocks (CJ21)
Posted: 2:04:21 pm on 8/29/2012 Modified: Never
Anyone coming to Bronte Rocks this weekend?Christine

Silver Fox
Mark II, Hull 417.
  Re: Bronte Rocks (Steve Reid)
Posted: 2:52:43 pm on 8/29/2012 Modified: Never

Still Knot Working is registered. See you there.

  Re: Bronte Rocks (CJ21)
Posted: 3:36:10 pm on 8/29/2012 Modified: 7:05:34 pm on 8/29/2012
Hey Steve.  I see that.  

I guess you are tackling the big IRC fleet this weekend.  

I'll be in the white sail fleet.   Lol.


Silver Fox
Mark II, Hull 417.

[A propos of another matter, Steve mentioned at the EYC regatta that, "Friends don't let friends race white-sail." What you want to do with this piece of info, and a winch handle, is entirely up to you. - Admin]