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  12v Outlet (colinambler)
Posted: 1:55:42 pm on 9/7/2012 Modified: Never
I have a 1985 Mark V with wheel steering.  I've shopped around for various accessories, including auto-pilot, a few of which run off a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket.  However, to my knowledge, the boat is not equipped with this type of outlet.  Anybody have any insight and/or projects to retrofit?

Colin Ambler
C&C 27 Mark V
Chicago, Illinois

  Re: 12v Outlet (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:51:31 am on 9/8/2012 Modified: Never
Hi Colin:
I added a Raymarine 1000 to my tiller steered MkV.  It came with a plug and socket, so I didn't need one for that installation.  I did add a second 12v socket next to the autopilot socket for miscellaneous stuff, anchor light, searchlight, etc.
I'm not a fan of cigarete lighter type sockets for marine use, but here's a marine version:|328|1818199&id=1190214
Good Luck,
Tony Jeske
MkV #581
San Diego
  Re: 12v Outlet (Steve Reid)
Posted: 10:56:08 am on 9/8/2012 Modified: Never
The boats didn't come with a 12v outlet, unless it was ordered from the factory by the original buyer. You can pick up aftermarket 12v Outlets from most Marine Supply stores or Automotive Supply outlets.
You can obtain single or multiple outlets, they can be mounted wherever you like on the boat and wired into the boats 12v system.
On my boat I have a dual outlet, it is located in the cabin under the bridge deck and wired into the main 12v panel to the cabin light master switch.
If you are going to install one for your autopilot you will need to find one that is water proof or you could install it inside the seat locker in the cockpit and have a power cord long enough to reach the plug.

Steve Reid
  Re: 12v Outlet (diva27)
Posted: 8:51:46 pm on 9/28/2012 Modified: Never
I've been meaning to add a 12V socket for so long that I've reached the point that the devices I do want to power (cellphones above all) are now plugging into my car via USB. I have seen USB adaptors for 12V sockets but I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of/direct experience with a direct USB connector to the 12V system.
Also, tomorrow is haul out, in case you're wondering about the sobbing noise emanating from the northern horizon.Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club
  Re: 12v Outlet (rbingham)
Posted: 9:42:45 pm on 9/28/2012 Modified: Never
Peregrine's previous owner had wired a basic 12v outlet to the binnacle for use with the GPS unit he had mounted there; with some trepidation (worry about delicate electronics)  I put a small USB car adapter into it to keep my iphone charged. Works beautifully. (The key is to mount it pointing down to keep out moisture.)

Plus it means I can use the Navionics iphone app as a backup for my Garmin unit. Without the charger it only lasts a few hours. (Actually in most ways the app is way better that the Garmin, but the iphone isn't exactly... weather-friendly.)


Richard Bingham
553/Mk III 1976
  Re: 12v Outlet (oasis)
Posted: 9:46:08 pm on 9/29/2012 Modified: Never
I wondered about those.  But do you need cell phone reception for the app to work?

Barry  Oasis 1987 Mk V
  Re: 12v Outlet (rbingham)
Posted: 11:32:16 am on 9/29/2012 Modified: Never
No, the app lives in the phone (the maps are downloaded) and uses its built-in GPS. No cell reception or wireless needed. But the GPS sucks a lot of battery, and you want it set to stay on & not sleep, so you really need the charger.

Really, though, if I had Garmin stock I'd being dumping it.

The Navionics app costs $25 (lots of options are available, depending on where you are, I use the Great Lakes set), and the maps are updated regularly. I've found them accurate to within a few metres for marks in an around Toronto. It has lots of great features for tracking, waymarking, measuring point-to-point & taking pictures while you're at it.

Compare this to $300 for the Garmin unit which comes with a map so basic it doesn't even show my marina (in fact the entire Outer Harbour Marina peninsula doesn't even exist on it). If I want a map that's at all useful I'll need to pay another $400 for a memory chip that has maps pre-loaded but I have to buy ALL of Canada to get Lake Ontario AND oh yeah, I have to buy a new one every couple of years to keep it up to date.

Download an update? Not a chance. Buy a map online? Sure, but only if you have a PC, the process is ludicrously complicated, it will cost you a minimum of $100 and the maps are sectioned off in a way that guarantees anyone on the Great Lakes has to buy at least two if they plan to sail for any more than a day at a time.

Did I mention the tiny, lo-res screen and the utterly crappy user interface?

As it is I use the Garmin mainly for a speedo, timer and extra compass; the MOB button adds a little sense of extra security. But really the only downside of the iphone is its touchscreen doesn't like damp fingers.

But apart from that, for most uses you'd do a lot better buying a 2nd-hand iphone 3GS on craigslist for $100 & the Navionics app for another $25 than 5x that much for a basic Garmin unit.

Richard Bingham
553/Mk III 1976
  Re: 12v Outlet (diva27)
Posted: 8:57:22 pm on 10/2/2012 Modified: Never
Thanks Richard. My plan is to install one inside the cabin, behind the bridge deck, so I'm not terribly worried about weather.
Interested to hear about your Navionics experience. I'm still not totally comfortable with position accuracy in the iPhone, at least where I live. When I use an app like Find my iPhone, my position at the house doesn't look much better than 50 feet. Sometimes it shows me on the property when I'm indoors. Where I boat on Georgian bay, a 50 foot PO can get you in a whole heap of trouble. I'm still relying on my plotter with a WAAS aerial and I think my PO is ten feet or less.
That said, people might be interested in a free app that uses official cdn topographic maps. It's called Topographic Maps Canada. You download the maps you need for coverage from within the app. I find it handy for when I'm ashore hiking and it provides additional info about landmarks etc.
Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club
  Re: 12v Outlet (rbingham)
Posted: 10:52:29 am on 10/3/2012 Modified: Never
I certainly get your point about Georgian Bay. (I'm only really comfortable there sailing with somebody with a LOT of local knowledge.)

Perhaps the iPhone5 will improve the GPS pointing, but if I'm not mistaken the GPS system is restricted by the US military to only a limited level of accuracy anyway. (Possibly not tight enough for Georgian Bay shoals!)

Thanks for the Topographic Maps Canada tip, I'll def look it up.


Richard Bingham
553/Mk III 1976
  Re: 12v Outlet (diva27)
Posted: 4:35:23 pm on 10/3/2012 Modified: Never
I recall Pres. Clinton ordering that the built-in civilian degradation of position accuracy be removed, so it shouldn't be an issue any more. But that hasn't helped my iPhone 4. The position is fine for driving a car or finding a Tim Hortons, but I don't trust it for shoal waters in Georgian Bay. That said, my new dock neighbor at the sailing club uses the Navionics program in the iPhone, but I'm not sure they gunkhole quite like I do.Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club
  Re: 12v Outlet (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 10:54:15 pm on 10/3/2012 Modified: Never
I use NAVIONICS on my iPad, giving much better definition with the larger screen. It is also really accurate.
Being on Lake Ontario I only look at it occasionally, so the battery lasts longer than the voyage! Georgian Bay sounds more demanding of skipper and battery, so that charger might be essential.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: 12v Outlet (wrapper)
Posted: 11:49:55 am on 10/6/2012 Modified: 12:11:30 pm on 10/6/2012
GPS selective availability (SA) was removed before 9/11.  If not, it would never have been remove after 9/11.

I used Navmatics charts and tides for Great Lakes on an iPad as a back up for sailing the thousand islands this summer.  

GPS was very accurate, charts were not as accurate but it gave access to Active Captain for anchorage information.  

The iPad battery lasted almost 10 hours so that was seldom a problem.

C&C 27 Hull 518