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  2013 Regatta (c&c27dyc)
Posted: 8:43:43 pm on 9/11/2012 Modified: Never
Although, a good distance to travel...If you have ever had thoughts of cruising the Bras d'Or Lake / Cape Breton Island, here is a reason to go. You are all invited to participate in the first running of the, "Race the Cape" in 2013.

Dean M Baldwin
Morgan "D"
Mark III - Hull 516
North Sydney, N.S.

  Re: 2013 Regatta (larrybayer)
Posted: 8:21:46 pm on 9/18/2012 Modified: Never

Thanks for the invite, it would be great as I have cruised the Bras d'Or's back in 1987 on a 36.
Yogi made it as far as the Magdelan's in 1978 under my Brother's command and I took a ferry over there and joined him for a bit.
Beautiful country and nice sailing! I'll have to take a rain check though for now.
Cheers and good luck in the race!!!

Larry Bayer
Yogi Bear, Mk III
Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON

  Re: 2013 Regatta update and 2014 (c&c27dyc)
Posted: 8:55:50 pm on 11/6/2013 Modified: Never
Hi all, well I thought I'd give a little update on the 2013 Race the Cape and once again re-invite all who want to attend the 2014 race this July.
You may notice in November/December issue of Sailing World, a very nice and complimentary three page article on Race the Cape. By all accords it was a huge success! A fantastic wipeout worthy of a photo op, prefaced an exploded chute and later a blown clew in our 150. We finished 3rd in our class only to be outdone by two J-24's and 11th out of 40 overall.  We will have a J-24 class next year. And....should we get five or more C&C 27s, we would have a separate class as well. (Just thought I'd throw that out there) The web site is updated and should have the 2014 NOR live by the first week in January.

Dean M Baldwin
Morgan "D"
Mark III - Hull 516
North Sydney, N.S.

  Race the Cape, 2014: Racing on Cape Breton's Bras d'Or Lakes (Hugh Morrin)
Posted: 10:44:15 pm on 11/12/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Dean,

This sounds like a really interesting event, worthy of consideration! I'll discuss it with the crew. Maybe Larry would even like to bring Debbie and Yogi Bear out to join the fun?

BTW, you might want to update the title of your post, or perhaps start a new one. I'm an active C&C 27 racer (see link below), but a somewhat infrequent visitor to the forum, and I almost overlooked your post. Perhaps something like "Race the Cape, 2014: Racing on Cape Breton's Bras d'Or Lakes" might garner a little more attention?

We'll give this some thought and get back to you.


Hugh Morrin
Blue Zulu
C&C 27 Mk III, #894
Nepean Sailing Club