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  Dacron #1 Racing Sail (bjarki)
Posted: 3:06:05 pm on 9/12/2012 Modified: Never
Anyone have experience using a Dacron # 1 as a racing sail? Good or Bad?
  Re: Dacron #1 Racing Sail (bosco)
Posted: 7:34:46 pm on 9/12/2012 Modified: Never
There's nothing wrong with a Dacron sail for racing except that Dacron is less "stable" than Kevlar or Mylar.--- ie when the wind inceases or decreases, the Dacron sail will change its shape which will require more  adjustments/corrections to the sheet and halyard tensions to maintain the sail's shape than would a Kevlar or Mylar sail.
  The Dacron sail will outlast the others being more amenable to have its shape adjusted as it ages.

Clare Jordan  Aragorn
  Re: Dacron #1 Racing Sail (JWente)
Posted: 8:13:56 pm on 9/12/2012 Modified: Never
kevlar vs. dacron
year 1: same speed
year 2 - 5: the dacron stretches faster, the draft moves aft, and as the wind picks up the sail is slower (still fast in light air)
year 6: the kevlar falls apart, which is very slow.
Dacron will last for years and years, but is no longer fast after year 1 when the wind picks up

if you are semi-serious about racing, buy kevlar - there is not much difference in price

Distant Thunder
  Re: Dacron #1 Racing Sail (bosco)
Posted: 9:15:28 pm on 9/13/2012 Modified: Never
Hi again bjarki,
 As an afterthought--- Do you do much cruising?? A three-four year old Kevlar sail is pretty much "toast" and hasn't much value left in it but a three-four year old Dacron sail is still OK for cruising use. If you buy Dacron, you can use it 3 years for racing , replace it with another Dacron but keep the old one another 3 years for cruising thus saving wear on your racing sail.
 I have also sold 3-4 year old Dacron sails which I took out of my racing inventory to folks who wanted something cheap for cruising.
  If you're independently wealthy, by all means, go for new Kevlar or Mylar and change them every year !!!

Clare Jordan  Aragorn