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  1979 Mk III Dry Exhaust - Atomic 4 (Van_Isle)
Posted: 5:30:40 pm on 9/13/2012 Modified: Never
Few questions out there for any with similar age boats with A4's:

1) how long has your dry exhaust lasted?
2) how close to the underside of the cockpit floor does your dry exhaust stack go.
3) any problems with overheating of the dry exhaust portion?
4) what kind of waterlift came with these boats and what have you replaced it with (or have you).
5) how high is your water bypass and does it have a siphon break.

On the maiden 'delivery voyage' for my new-to-me 27 the dry exhaust overheated the cockpit floor and caused the adjacent plywood backing block on the port cockpit drain to smoke and the plastic cockpit drain fitting to partly melt.  No flames, but it was a bit tense there for a bit! ... and not a very pleasent way to start off with the boat.

The loop is right against the underside of the cockpit and the pipe wrap is partly falling off and spliting - no doubt helped by the dry exhaust vibrating against the cockpit floor. The pipe underneath appears to be galvanized and in quite good shape. This boat has a plastic vetus waterlift ... so I'm expecting that some of the exhaust at least was redone in the past - but not by last owner (since 2004) and he kept very good records of everything. The water bypass is a very short / low hose with no siphon break.

North Saanich, B.C.