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  Tides Marine Strong Sailtrack (wjames)
Posted: 3:14:14 pm on 9/14/2012 Modified: Never
Singlehanded passage-making for an old guy in an old boat (Sesiya, Mark III, hull #643) it's been troublesome bending the full-batten mainsail, with many slides jamming in the mast slot. I have been thinking about tricks to get the sail up and down easily mostly from the cockpit. Any comments on installing Tides Marine Strong Sailtrack and associated hardware (apart from the high price)? Thanks -Bill
  Re: Tides Marine Strong Sailtrack (hdelange)
Posted: 7:26:29 pm on 9/15/2012 Modified: Never
Hi Bill,

I recently had Ed Botterell of Doyle Sails install the Tides solution on my MK V and it works great. My main goal was an easy system for single handled sailing, also selected this as it could be installed with the mast in place.

You can call me for more info 647-965-8837

Henry DeLange
87 MK V # 151