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question Electrical panel (Ken Pole)
Posted: 3:11:19 pm on 10/18/2004 Modified: Never
If anyone has upgraded from an original C&C six- or 12-circuit 12-V DC panel, I'm interested in purchasing the original. Yes, I know I could do an upgrade but there's an esthetic consideration at play here. Thanks.
  Re: Electrical panel (scalliwag27)
Posted: 6:37:14 pm on 10/18/2004 Modified: Never

No problem, I 'll sell you my original six switch panel and I'll throw in the fuses for $20.   Send me your address.

Bruce Peever


exclamation Re: Electrical panel (wbsmith)
Posted: 8:20:39 pm on 10/21/2004 Modified: Never

I also have the six switch panel available.  5$ and you pay shipping.

Warren Smith


Houston, Texas

  Re: Electrical panel (KenPole)
Posted: 12:33:25 pm on 10/22/2004 Modified: Never

Warren: I already committed to, and mailed payment to, Bruce. That said, if you'll mail yours first-class (US$5 should cover that), I'll be happy to send you a money order for US$10 if that's acceptable. Postal address would be handy. I'm at 1950 Highridge Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5H3. Thanks.


Ken Pole

  Re: Electrical panel (License2Keel)
Posted: 10:37:18 am on 1/10/2013 Modified: Never
Any of these panels still available?
If not, what have others used as a replacement? My electrical panel is in pretty rough shape and a few of the circuits are shot.

Thanks ahead of time,

Joshua C. Harper
License To Keel, Mk V
Atlanta, GA
  Re: Electrical panel (davidww1)
Posted: 1:41:06 pm on 1/11/2013 Modified: Never
Note the dates on these posts. Just a wild guess, but I wouldn't think so.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Electrical panel (License2Keel)
Posted: 7:49:21 pm on 1/14/2013 Modified: Never
Thank you, David. I figured it was a long shot but one worth asking.

Joshua C. Harper
License To Keel, Mk V
Atlanta, GA
  Re: Electrical panel (davidww1)
Posted: 9:43:43 pm on 1/15/2013 Modified: Never
There was a long thread about replacement panels some years back and if I recall correctly, the tide was in Blue Seas' favour for quality and general suitability. Unfortunately, I can't find it. Perhaps someone else's memory is less thoroughly derailed.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Electrical panel (Steve Reid)
Posted: 10:27:28 pm on 1/15/2013 Modified: Never
Blue Seas makes a wide variety of replacement and OEM Electrical panels. Go to your local Marine Chandlery (not worst marine) they should have a catalogue you you should be able to find what you should be able to find what your looking for.

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working MkV #75
  Re: Electrical panel (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:42:58 am on 1/16/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Joshua:
They can make you a custom panel to your specs.
Good Luck,
Tony Jeske
San Diego
  Re: Electrical panel (chriswheat)
Posted: 12:36:14 pm on 1/16/2013 Modified: 2:15:24 pm on 1/16/2013
Last summer I replaced my original (1972) fuse  panel with a breaker panel. This evening I will try to find my receipt for the breaker panel so I can tell you where I got it. I recently took the boat to Florida via ICW and am now back home in PA so I can't just go look to see what brand it is. You are welcome to my old fuse panel for the cost of shipping if still interested as the breaker panel works marvelously. You can write me directly: chris at chrisferrier dot com if the forum allows. That would be quicker as I don't check this forum as often as I should.

Chriswheat Second Wind

Chesapeake Bay MD

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