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  Cockpit deck plate CC27 mark III (Anna69)
Posted: 11:56:16 am on 10/14/2012 Modified: Never
I was changing the transmission oil and thinking there has to be a better way. I have 27' mark III; has anyone ever put a deck plate on the cockpit floor to make checking and changing transmission oil a lot easier? There seems to be some good quality watertight plates with low profile that may work nicely. Thoughts?
  Re: Cockpit deck plate CC27 mark III (malurd)
Posted: 7:20:09 pm on 11/11/2012 Modified: Never
The previous owner of our 72 Mark I put one in for the very reason you stated.  Nice for checking oil and a few other things in this area.  For example, the propeller shaft and transmission.  He did a nice job installing it.  No leaks.  

Rick Ulam
Presque Isle, PA
1972 Mk I

  Re: Cockpit deck plate CC27 mark III (jedlls)
Posted: 1:45:04 pm on 1/4/2013 Modified: Never
Forget it!

Buy a really good compact led flashlight instead. After 6 years, 2 -3  oil changes a year I can usually get the stick in the hole first try. (My wife is a witness). You are asking for trouble putting a hole in the cockpit floor. Alignment, size right on the first try ????; centering the sucker on the second try; cost of a good fitting, Sikaflex, and 5 + hours later and you've spent more time than at poking the oil stick for the next 10 years of oil changes. Plus the hole in the sole will leak and compromise the balsa core (guarranteed in the next 20 years). Your biggest leak issues will be over-winter storage with a tarp leaking and freezing water!
Forget it!

John Dallas

Weather or Not (aka: "WON")